Saturday, November 27, 2004

Holiday Planning for December

I have to say sorry to all of my friend becuase I didn't go out play with them recently because i'm quite busy for doing something.
I think I will be free a bit at December but still busy a bit.I have plan to study back my English and Japanese,doing some homework,clean up my house,and going to my friend's house to sit.^^Actually this holiday I have already plan to study,but I only study for a while then stop it and do the camp preparing and do the report.But now i have already done my report and I free now.But i still got one essay not yet write.After i write it then i will very very free.

Friday, November 26, 2004

I Have Finish My Report!

Finally,I have finish my report that about the lead camp.If you are interest on what i have learnt from there,you can visit Student Union wed site,I will share my experience at there.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

1st posting..

This is my first post. I'm sure I can't do as well as my friend's blog , but I will try my best to make this blog to be better. If I have do wrong, please tell me, I will fix it immediately.

My English isn't very good so that I will always use broken English to post and I wish I can use a better English to speak to other or writing at future.

Well, I know my attitude always make other suffer or annoy. I have to apologize to them. I will try to fix my weakness.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

lead camp

I On behalf of Student Union,SMJK Chong Hwa,jln Gombak,Kuala Lumpur go to join the lead camp that held at Dusun Eco Resort,Bentong,Pahang for 3 Days and 2 Night.I'm very happy to go there and enjoy that three day at there.I have know a lot of new friends from other state or other school from Malaysia.I have also learn a lot of skill to lead a society or group.Sorry to you all at here because i can't use English to say out what was happening at there,because my English aren't good,say out then you all also don't understand one.

So if you really interest on the camp activity and what I learn from there,then I wish you can call me and let me give you the report and essay that I write in Chinese.Wish you call me immediately because the report and essay i will pass it up to school. If you really can't borrow the report or the essay from me,don't sad,because I will ask the Student Union next year pihak atasan to held a Sharing Activiy.I wish the one who On behalf of our school go to that camp wont mind to sharing their feeling and what they learn from the camp with our society member.Because one of Student Union's Objektif is train Pemimpin.Wish the next year pihak atasan will accept my suggestion.