Monday, November 24, 2008

What a bad day..

I woke up around 9+am today.. planned to relax before i start my revision on the coming paper (math2) I played for approx half hour, then the line began to work bad.. it keep on disconnect and made my character nearly die caused by the laggy.. I decided to stop playing WoW and planned to move my character back to inn. Unfortunately, the laggy made my character died at a instance.. I need to reconnect in order to revive my character and bring him back to inn.. I tried for few hours and I decided to give up.. However, my mood on doing revision had messed up. Forcefully, I went for a nap and hang until evening.. I noticed that the line became better than afternoon... So and then I logged in to my character and successfully moved him to inn for a rest.. haiz.. what a bad day.. Another 3 days for next paper..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Second Relax day..

WoW.. yesterday was thought as last paper for me.. >< since Bio Paper 2 had finished til now, i haven touch book yet.. I dunno what should study and I had no feeling on wanna to study.. Yesterday was a quite kinda good day for me..
I thought Biology should be a paper that I would empty a lot.. instead of that, I successfully filled all blanks and question.. I was able to finish up all parts and questions.. Well I knew that I had lost some marks, but I think it will not affect my achievement a lot.. My aim for Biology was just B-.. But after I had finish this paper, my wish on bio had blow up to B.. I knew I can do it! If I able to do well in paper two.. haha.. If not, C may also be a problem for me..

So how's about the other Paper? General Paper? There was a major problems occur there.. I had expected I can get A for my General Paper, but after Paper 2, I knew I can't even achieve that grad.. I had lost a lot of marks due to my stupid mistakes.. I had drawn two graph as the first was the mistake one.. There should be 4 years but I thought just 3 years.. luckily I noticed it quite early.. But unfortunately I had been an idiot on section E.. I wrote something that I also dun really understand about it.. At last, I had canceled it and rewrite.. It had consumed a lot of time and caused me can't finish the section E well.. so, Section D and E may had been main cause of my target-failed..

Chemistry, I felt it is quite okie.. I can do all parts except a hard question ( I thought only? ) It is related to enthalpy change of atomization.. The rest, I had confidence on it even many answers are just my personal hypothesis.. haha.. I had confidence that I can achieve a high rank for this..

Math, should be the only paper that I worry right now.. I had done bad for this paper.. I had no confidence that I can get what my teacher expected me to get.. I apologize to my teacher but she cheer up me by saying 70 marks able to get A.. I hope I still can do it.. as there was a lot of marks for the method that used.. However, I had done a bad assumption on my paper 1, as I knew I had wrong at least 25 marks.. I had no confidence to get the rest marks.. As I always do some minor mistakes that caused me to lose a lot of marks.. i.e the sign or just some simple calculations.. Anyway, I should appreciate on my time-management for this paper as I had finished it by using 2 hours instead of 3 hours for this paper.. I still able to double-checked my answer for the questions.. due to the one hour checking, I had save a lot of marks due to corrections for those sign and simple calculation that caused me lose marks.. hehe..

Anyway, the actual STPM is still going on.. all papers that i had stated above are just paper 2, that's structure and essays.. (except math) The paper that Still left all are just MCQ (multiple choice question).. I had confidence that I can get at least 35 correct for each MCQ paper per 50 quest.. However, I will still need some refreshment for the studies.. I will start my revision tonight.. or probably tomorrow.. haha.. depend on my situations..

Good Luck to all STPM examinees ya.. enjoy your last gov. examinations..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Funny memorable clip or Seniors

These was some very funny and cool memorable clip from my school's senior.. 5s5 2004..
The video is very funny.. enjoy it!

First Memorable Clip..

Second memorable Clip..

Haha... very funny.. is it?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008




Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Week Before STPM..

A Week to go.. My pretty love will come... STPM.. i've been waiting you since a year ago.. very suffer, you know? Haiz.. for sure you don't know, if you are not a STPM student.. But i also dunno how suffer am i.. just many homework to do? many things have to learn? many work need to settle? many relationship have to clear off? haiz..
Everybody is very busy for the revision right now, for sure, I should be one of them.. But unfortunately.. Haiz.. there are so many things so fan.. cannot concentrate on study.. keep on thinking what should i do after STPM... wow.. Dec.. Jan.. Feb.. Mac.. .. .. until June.. get in U.. how terrible.. all unknown to me.. haiz.. first time want to leave house for a long time.. no friends surround me.. everything is new.. have to face about it.. The food, environment, friends, etc.. But the only thing that i worry is peoples.. >< I wonder what type of human that I will face outside.. I'm still a newbie.. easy to be hurt.. even at secondary school.. always think many useless matter.. and hurt myself.. Friends.. original? spicy? hot? sour? what type also got.. but the most worry thing is.. it haven cooked.. >< kena virus.. macam mana?

Dunno what Am i Bull Shit up there.. Currently thinking about few friends.. my love, how to start? how to continue? will be longer? Dunno.. so scare to open mouth.. but have to open mouth.. >< Brothers? thought I am their brothers also? wonder about it.. Friends, honest? trustworthy? dunno.. everyone is unfamiliar to me right now.. I thought you friend, you thought me shit? or gold? dunno.. I just wanna i will get hurt in any relationship or not.. I am worry, but have to face.. learn to suit the environments.. That's our fate.. Human? Are actually very hard to do.. I saw many faces.. around me.. ><.. Human.. I doubt about it's trustworthy right now..

Anyway, Good Luck.. for all the examinees.. A Level, SPM, STPM, STAM..





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Sunday, November 09, 2008


来得更幸福, 更快乐



Friday, November 07, 2008