Friday, December 12, 2008

What a funny day..

I woke up around 10.30+am.. I was hurry as I knew I slept lately.. I had promised my friends to gather at 12pm! Everything is fine and I had prepared and I wait them at the moon stage of Titiwangsa LRT Station.. After that, we have our lunch at The Mall.. a restaurant that other said the food was not delicious enough-- Chicken Rice Shop..

The Chicken that I ate.. Actually This is the Picture After I ate finish the rice.. ^^
After that, we go to PWTC for the education fair.. However, the education fair begin tomorrow.. not today.. Zzz... Today was just their preparation.. Za dao...Then we will have to move back...
Go Home?? That's not a good idea.. come out just for a lunch?? Zzz.. so, we decided to have a shopping at The Mall... There's nothing we wanna to buy.. everything is expensive.. Oh my.. what a funny day.. haha

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twilight- What a Bore day..

I was join for a movie with my ex-form 6 classmates... the movie which named Twilight.. I couldn't imagine that this was the movie that all of my sisters said bore for man but good for couples.. Zzz.. I didn't even expected that the movie don't have anything that is 18SX.. ><><><><>< Oh ya.. the UKM Camp.. haha.. tomorrow I will post about it.. Hehe..

Monday, December 08, 2008

STPM was over!!

Well.. STPM was over.. Everything was gone... and here's my long holiday began...
Everyone was pressured by the STPM examinations.. Maybe they are inconfidence for their results? or wanna to do as perfect as they can? I felt stressless.. >< i'm not mean by chuan-ing other, but that's truth for me.. I'm still able to relax myself for few hours each day, having enough sleep almost all days during STPM season.. Everything was fine and as usual.. I just have some stress during few days before STPM was started.. Maybe I was inconfidence on my paper 2 results? Hopefully not.. But anyway, everything had finish up.. and here's my expectation and hopes for my STPM papers..

1-Full Of Hopes.. Even I do not full of confidence that I could correct more than 40 question, but I think I can correct more than 35 question ba..
2-Full Of wishes.. haha.. not so confidence about it.. but hope that i can get as great the result is..

1-Full Of Happiness, as I can do most of the questions.. I had check it out with some forumers and classmates... As I know, I wrong less than 5.. If i'm not mistaken.. However, there are some question with no answers.. haha.. i think just one ba..
2-Full Of mystery.. As I am not sure how many that I had wrote correctly..I wrote a lot for each question.. Hope I can get what the scheme need..

Mathematic T
1-Full Of Hopes.. I think I had wrong at least 20+.. According to my teacher. 70 already can get A for STPM.. So, I hope that I could get A or A- for that.. and hope that the grade wont so high.. ^^
2-It should be easier than paper 1 as exams that i face previously.. However, I did bad for this.. I had wrong around 50+ marks.. ><><><><

General Paper
1-It was tricky.. >< I dunno how was my result for this.. Hopefully I could correct more than 50/60 questions.. Haha.. But... that's just hope... mostly.. ..
2-It was a funny paper... I had done a questions that have a big problem that confusing most of the candidates... Once I get home... and get into forum, I notice that the question is really troublesome.. >< it had caused most of the candidates fail to finish up the paper or do bad in the next section.. and I was one of them... MPM said that they will edit the scheme.. however, this problem had caused unfairness to most of the students.. if MPM give bonus marks for student which do question 8 ( the problemsome question), it is unfair to those who do question 7.. and so one.. it had influenced most of the candidates and MPM is harder to be fair to all sides..

Urm.. Anyway, I will still have confidence that I could get CGPA3.0 Or even higher.. Hope that I could get it.. haha.. But, will it be?