Saturday, February 26, 2005

Went to Teacher's House

today i went to teacher's house.erm...i also don't know need to write what o...teacher house ar...this is my first time first time to go to teacher's house..

Erm...i think this year my lovely is helding something...just like RC,go to here go to there...everyday run here run there...hehe..i also don't know why o..erm..nothing liao lar..go to teacher's house is a new experience lar...tata^^.

Monday, February 21, 2005

wow i baru know SRM got a room...and i found something inside it...
before this ...i think our school have many society de....but after i join SRM..i baru know our school is just have a little society only...but other school have more society than us...and have 2 society that i interest to join is 'he zuo she' and japanese language society.. this two society i want to join but our school didn't have this kind of society...
but i'm happy cause i still only know our school got a special society that other secondry school didn't have and i have joined it...that is student union^^

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

a Blog and a Majalah for my class

today..Ju Shua,Lei Wen and me decide to creat a blog/forum/etc and a majalah for our class..cause i think we don't have enough time to do it next year we all sure so busy Ju Shua is SRM de 'zhu pian' then he can know a lot of thing about making majalah...then he also can make a majalah for us too^^for more information ..i think need to tell you very later lor...

Paint and 'bao' Table In My Classroom i go to school around 7.45 am but there are already have 3 or 4 person arrive bedore me.we start take out those table from classroom .
then .....
aroung 12.00 we all done then go home..^^
so short leh...^^

No! No! No!

wah..16 years old liao lor..
but kena shoot everyway..all say why don't invite them to party...actually i also don't know why...go where also kena shoot...exspecially my jie jie..all scold me mou leong sum...cause no invite them to my party ...
i think most of my family member also scold me lar...cause i just invite some member of it (xiang only ~.~ ) pai sei...i mou mien see them liao..