Friday, March 10, 2006

Student Union

Sigh.. nowadays, i'm busy to find out my successor who continue my job at K.Hiburan.FInally i found three of them. Sigh, i also don't know what, i suddenly felt that Student Union management aren't so good. Yesterday, i also don't know why, i tell all of my known about P.P to some Form 3 members. I wish that they will change the management after a fews years, don't even continue being like this year.>< i told that all my opinion, i combine other society goods/experience to us, and tell them the conclusion,I told them what should all the job should do, but.. after i said, i felt that mostly of my opinion didn't match with those Gruop Leaders' actions.Sigh..

Nevermind la, Now i already started working my gruop ( K. Hiburan) i wish that my activity can help our junior to make our P.P to be more aggressive.. so that, Student Union can be improve. I will do anything else what i can do to improve it.Because, This society is the most likely society for me.

Urm, now, i felt that i should do back myself, i wanna to find out actually who am i. I want to know more about me.So that i will become more happy.Wish god will allow me to do so..Thanks God.