Friday, August 28, 2009

Examination season..

Well, I'm currently having examinations recently.. and this might be my first examination that i sat in University.. Hope it would be best for me and could give a hand to me to get first honor.. Do God bless me.. The photo that i post abovement is the photo that i took before having my first test.. It was test for Introduction For Food Sicence that held at KK9 (Komplex Kuliah 9). My room mate told me that I was lucky as the seats was preserve for us. Inversely, they need to arrange the seats for themselve. Anyhow, I was made a lot of mistakes in the test, but hopefully it wouldn't make a big trouble for me. The second test was taken just an hour ago, that's Basic Physical Chemistry. I have confident toward the my second test as I felt the questions was easy, it was just two question and the marks seem given easily, an equation cost 2 marks each.. however, my first test may did badly, as I not so understand what should I learn from the course, none of my coursemate know what should be the question, and most of us had study a lot on it.. well, my next test will on just the next day of National Day.. wonder how is it.. hopefully wont hard.. must study hard..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Restaurant in City?

I went back UMT just few days ago. After cleaning my room, I went to town with my friends in order to input our food storage for fasting month. the first thing that bear in our mind once reached town was get our lunch! we couldn't have time to have our breakfast as most of us are busy cleaning our room. However, when we search for our lunch in giant, we notice..

Pizza hut was empty!!!

KFC's seats were empty too!!
Chicken Rice Shop and Other Restaurant was closed too.

Why all these happened? actually.. all these restaurant were not closed but they just start their business after 3pm.. I think it mostly caused by the fasting month ba. Islam is only able to have their breakfast and dinner and cannot have their drinks/meal all along the day. So, to prevent the wastes, so these restaurant don't open ba.. hoho.. after noticed for this issue, we changed our location to china town and have our lunch there.. wu.. the lunch was delicious.. and cheap.. haha.. but unfortunately i didn't take photo during lunch.. I was enjoying my lunch happily.. kaka.. however, may show you some photos again when I go to the town again..

Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are quite many constructions around my Campus.. So, the air that surround my U is always flood by dust.. My desk will be recover by dust after i clean my desk in just a few hours. It's horrible, man! It also caused water that i boiled containing some sand as precipitation.. lolz.. I think it is caused by the construction that going on just next to our hostel, hopefully it will be done in year..


The Construction which going on next to my hostel.

(view from bus when I going back KL)
(the building that seem like seaturtle is our hall)
Construction that going on just in front of our hostel.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to UMT

Yo.. I had been study at Univerty Malaysia Terengganu for around 2 months.. hoho.. and this is the first day that i blog after my University first intake.. hehe... let show you some photos.. hoho..
The photo that i took during orientation, it's in our Hall, DSM

Kuliah Class

Male's Hostel
Female's Hostel