Friday, June 26, 2009

Going UMT

I'm going to leave KL in few hours time later.. I think I will hav no time to spend on blog.. at least for coming few month as I didn't plan to bring along my laptop to there.. These few days I was busy preparing for the University and PTPTN.. So I didn't have free time to write something in my blog.. However, According to my academic schedule, I should have a week of holiday and I mostly will back to KL on that time.. hoh.. Hope can meet my KL's friends on that time.. hoho.. Good Luck to my friends and families.. and my self.. :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

UMT, I'm Coming

The Result of UMT was out yesterday, I was choosen to be a student of UMT which located at Terengganu.. The course that offer to me is SARJANA MUDA SAINS MAKANAN ( PERKHIDMATAN MAKANAN DAN PEMAKANAN ) which is a 4 years course. Urm.. It is so confusing as I dunno anything of the U at all.. I have to discovry and get ready as I'll need to embark in about a week. I need to register on 28 June 2009 and will stay at it's hostel for a year.. Luckily just a year, but not 4 years. If not, I'm sure that I'll be bore until... you forgot who am I.. As I know, there are lack of entertainments as what I am enjoying in KL right now. There are totally a rural place for KL people but I'm sure there will be a good place to enjoy your study.. Yesterday I was chat with a senior and try to get as many info that I can about the U by using Internet.. And now, i'm get to know something about it.. but.. I'll have to prepare a lot of thing before I could embark.. Hope everything will fine there.. And I think i may not post in the coming 6 months as I might be hard to online in the coming 6 months.. My senior told me we only can access internet at at cafe ( during the time in hostel ). Hostel do not serve wireless service to us. And also.. all malay food.. oh my.. have to suit myself in new environment ya.. half year.. I must trust on myself.. haha.. Anyhow, I still able to on if i'm in cafe.. but it could very hard for me.. as it will be super lag.. ( many people also online wot.. ) half year.. i tahan.. until i get hostel out of the University.. hehe.. then i can enjoy streamx service and back to life of internet.. hoho.. good luck to me.. and you.. hehe..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Island Red Cafe

Few days ago, I went to Island Red Cafe which located nearby Sri Rampai. We didn't really have our dinner right there, but do drank some drinks there. The drinks is still okie, not so delicious and normal for me.. I still remember when we wanna to take leave, the cashier machine is broke down and need us to wait for around half hour ( or more than that? ) just to pay the drinks. They didn't even tell us and just let us to wait at there, until i get a waitress and scold then only know that. what a bad service that i get!

Outlook of the Cafe (seem quite popular because it's full of customers, we couldn't get in to second floor and only able to sit at ground floor)
Interior of the Cafe (seem like OldTown, another famous restaurant)
The next table of us. They seem talking in a large business ( those direct sales ). A guy keep on telling other about the sale, how to earn money, how to disperse the stocks, etc . some of them seem interest but some of them seem bore. lolz.. I'm not listen to them well, but the guy who briefing was talked loudly.. so i'm forcefully have to listen too.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Work for a Day

I work for a day for Canon at Sg. Wang yesterday. It was a bore day. As there are too less customers, nothing much work that I can did. At early morning, There were two colleage that work with me, viz Kit and Leon. However, around an hour later, Leon was back to another booth located at lawyat, Kit was staying with boredem with me all along the day. I caught few photo during the time I fullfilled with boredem. These are cameras that I promote.
The main idea of the fair -- Hello Kitty.
There are a CCTV just above my head, looking around to prevent crime occur. It seems prevent us to do anything that prohibited during work.. But I don't think it can sense what we did below it..
A restaurant that in front of my booth. Keep shouting "Buy 1 Free 1" and "Buy 2 Free 1".. Lelong all along the day.. I'm suffer to stand there as bread as my favourit food, can see but can't taste. Suffer.. man..
I'm Lucky as there were anime showed not far from me. But it was sometimes blocked by Hellow Kitty. So I could not enjoy it well.. However, I couldn't hear the sounds and just can see the anime that keep repeating the same episode.. I just watched at the early time as the repeatable anime was bore to me..
A guy that work next booth that where I am was fallen sleep... but once customer came, he reacted immediately.. lolz.. I think he couldn't notice I caught his photo..
A canon key chain. I felt quite beautiful. But that's not free gift that offer. Just a simple key chain that hold key of the booth.
After suffering for 10 hours, I left booth and went to Pavilion to meet Mr. Yow, Mr Tan and Mr. Sim for going back together. While we were on our way back to Sentul, few guyz carried a female, pass the gate immediately and get in First Aid Room. I wonder what was happened. But that's not good to have such 'show' as audients will only make the thing worse.. So we just pass the ticket gate and go back Sentul and have our dinner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BRJ Egg = Synthetic Egg???

Synthetic Egg..
I always go to BRJ to have dinner or tea time with my friends. However, I read an article regarding the synthetic egg before. After that, everytime when i go to BRJ to have my time with my friends, when i order 'nasi lemak' , i doubt the real of egg that they served for us. Today, i had successfully get the proves with pictures regarding to this matter. So, I think I'll never order BRJ Restaurant's Any orders with eggs. Urm, as my friend, do you still dare to eat? hoho.. decide yourself!!!

Here is the link that i get the picture and info :人造鸡蛋 or
you may try and read it and compare (highly prefer the first link). Maybe I'm wrong? As this is just the conclusion from what i know, maybe not 100% true. If I'm wrong, kindly show me some proof and i will change my mind. Can you? Thank You.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spring Field Town Cafe

I went for a tea yesterday. As usual, there are too less people that willing to have a tea with me. We went to wangsamaju at night and planned to drink some 'tong shui'. However, at around 10pm, all the 'tong shui pou' is closing at time. In the choice of choiceless, we went to the 'new shot lot' at wangsamaju and planned to search for some new restaurant to have our supper. We fortunate as we get to a new cafe that named " Spring Field Town Cafe " that only began their business three months ago.. It was still new, and less customers if compare with other restaurant.. the quietness is it's benefit if compare with other.. This restaurant is considered quite weird as the restaurant holder said.. It's theme is a cartoon.. I forgot what name is the cartoon.. as I doesn't like to watch this anime.. ><>

Outside View Of the Restaurant

Main Theme of Restaurant.. Almost whole restaurant is full of pictures of this anime

Some restaurant's part

Funny Rules that discriminate male!!!
Urm.. while we went to this restaurant.. it's about to close.. so they only able to serve us with the drinks.. the drinks is quite special.. the banana oreo taste good.. hoho.. You can try it when u go there.. kaka..

Monday, June 08, 2009

Lousy K530i

I'm currently using this phone model. I bought it since 21 August 2008 and used to it until now. However, in not longer than a year of time, many problem occur toward this phone model. The chinese input is a bit slower if compare to other model. This is the main problem that I always face to. Few days ago, while I was taking my monitor to my teacher as she request to use it for a day.,I had drop my phone accidentally to the floor. The mic was malfunction. My sister brought it to the repairer to repair my phone. It cost RM40!! so expensive, man.. May be you will ask, "why don't you claim for the warranty? " as what i knew, usually repairation of warranty consume a lot time. I want back my mobile as fast as possible as the Universities intake result will be out soon in a short time. 19 June.. will I able to get back my phone? I don't think I maybe able to do so.. haiz.. so and then, RM 40 used for shorter the duration that i get back my mobile.. but.. haiz. RM40 le.. haiz.. still felt so expensive ne.. 

The model that I using, Sony Erricson K530i