Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Worst Holidays

Add Math1A
English Science and Technology5C

SPM became history.A long holidays is followed by it's end.This holiday is the worst holiday that i never been.I sick!

Two days before the last subject paper start, I felt discomfortable,and soon I sick.Thus, I cant pay enough concentrate on my last revision and it had became my nightmare.I cant do the biology paper 2 & 3 as what i done well at the previous examination.I'm so sad.I wish my SPM result can be better.

Sick ! Sick ! Sick ! I can't go anyway as my illness haven been fully recorver.This is also is the worst illness that i never tried before.I seen for 3 doctors and had 4 different treatments in just a week of times.I wish i can faster recorver as i can have a better deal than now.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


就在最近这几天 我总是发呆老半天
盘旋在脑海中不去的是 你的话语和难忘的笑脸
就在最近这几天 离开学校的日子很空闲
我总是有事没事就温习过去 还要重看我们的照片

一起欢笑一起流泪的日子 将这几年点翠成美丽的画面

我将学习如何去思念 我将熬夜回味这几年日记每一面

我曾经为你熬夜 只为了做你的生日卡片
一起熬夜 一起准备明天的测验
过了今天 也许只能说再见

为你熬夜 帮你录下你最爱的影片
一起熬夜 一起在网上废话连篇
过了很多天 我们熬过多少夜


Monday, July 03, 2006


Sigh.. it is quite boring recently..My computer only allow to online and MSN chatting only..

Friday, March 10, 2006

Student Union

Sigh.. nowadays, i'm busy to find out my successor who continue my job at K.Hiburan.FInally i found three of them. Sigh, i also don't know what, i suddenly felt that Student Union management aren't so good. Yesterday, i also don't know why, i tell all of my known about P.P to some Form 3 members. I wish that they will change the management after a fews years, don't even continue being like this year.>< i told that all my opinion, i combine other society goods/experience to us, and tell them the conclusion,I told them what should all the job should do, but.. after i said, i felt that mostly of my opinion didn't match with those Gruop Leaders' actions.Sigh..

Nevermind la, Now i already started working my gruop ( K. Hiburan) i wish that my activity can help our junior to make our P.P to be more aggressive.. so that, Student Union can be improve. I will do anything else what i can do to improve it.Because, This society is the most likely society for me.

Urm, now, i felt that i should do back myself, i wanna to find out actually who am i. I want to know more about me.So that i will become more happy.Wish god will allow me to do so..Thanks God.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

terrible mood..

sigh... i felt my Melancholia is recur. Too bad, i don't know what is my mind thinking about.Sometimes, i felt i'm responsibility to help my junior in Student Union, and help the director since i felt they need my help.But, at the same times, i felt i'm inresponsible to help them. Today, was our school Student Union's election. I felt very disappointed on the director management ability. But what can i do? I just can help them how many that i can do for them to protect our society's population. SU is became worse than before the year after a year. everybody knew that this is a fact. But i dunno the reason why they don't want to admit it. Many senior knew that. Sigh, i hate Melancholia. I dunno when i get it. Not only at the Society issue, but also at friends' issue.One more week, Just one more week, i can be natural back. I will wear the school uniform without tie and the badge of Student Union. Although the director didn't notice all the form 5 student to put off the tie and the badge, but i felt i have no qualifications to wear it anymore, since i can't do the Student Union's Objective after the day the new director born. What can i do is just help the new directors. I wish that those who i vote for can be the new director since i felt that they will sacrifice for our Society (SU). I wish that they will make our society to be improved and stopped it from falling down. I wish they will realizes my desire and don't be the sane director as this year.

Friends, this word sound strange for me.I've become alone for this year,what's the reason of it? Am i too straight? Am I too arrogant? or ? sigh.. i felt i'm the one who made our friendship to be broken.For this year, i'm afraid on my friends' changes, ( or else is i changed ? ).I can't accept that my friend will become like that ( i dunno how to decribe it) i felt sad, and felt afraid, i afraid he will hurt me on the next day since his personality is like that.. this is just mention about someone, i knew him since a few years ago. When i knew him, he gave me a feel --- he is a guy that 重視 friendship and fairness. But, nowaday he changed. What he want is just wealth and authority. I hate, I hate this kind of person. For my point of view, i felt that he wont be happy if he continue like that. But, we still friends, i wish he will knew about this, and changed back to the one that i knew.I wish to tell him what was my thinking. But, i have no chances. But anyway, i will still wishing him can living happily for now and his future because , we are friends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hi again!

Hi ! It's quite long time i didn't blog anything else on this blog. I doubt about neither there are any person who still checking my blog or not.

Sigh.. It's about 3 months i didn't blog.So now let's remind my life.

October, i went to school for study and started working at SOGO-Children Department.I went to school at morning and went for work during afternoon and night. It's quite tired.And here the begin for the changes on my life. I started enjoyed the working life more than school life.And so the agony started falling to me.I started concentrated on working and seldom take care of my school friends, societies and studies.And so, i started to be alone during the recess time and the time after school.I continued my life like this for a month.Okiez, let comes to my working life.The first day, i went to the brand that i working for, but too bad, she told me that this brand have enough person.They told me that they didn't need me,and ask me either i still wanna to working at here or not.I have bought the uniform, then sure i said 'yes'.And here the begin of the loness,i changed to SOGO BRAND,(SEAWOOD & BEST BUY) and now i'm working for seawood.i'm working at the brand that damm far from my friends.And i started to be alone.But luckily, i found a school friend that working new my that i had friend to chatting during the time that less customer.And this condition continues until the end of October.

November,I continue working.And i'm still in school-SOGO life.My life act like usual, until 7th of November.At 7th of November, it's the end of HARI RAYA.Many of my friend stopped working.And i become more loness after this.I found that my pass deadline was 14th of November,I'm so happy because i no need to go for working and can stay at home.But this dream soon broke when i noticed that i need to updated the date and i will working until the end of year 2005.Then i just continue work until the end of the month.when 29th of November, My workmate,KokFei and i decide to go for tuisyen and prepare for SPM during December.We asked for leave, but the Manager didn't wanna to let us go.But at last, she let me go(*KokFei go by himself, the manager didn't noticed him that he can leave, So he until now also haven courage to take salary of November)I still remember what she said to me,'Tommorrow you no need come again!'it sound like i have been 'pecat' by her.But nevermind, i have already stopped working.Here are my working life.I really earn a lot of experiences at here.The Seniors always told me the experiences of working, and the issue of this society,etc. i really earn a lot of thing though them.I really need to thank them.Thank You.

Okie, now let's talk about the workmate.I knew some girls thought there.Erm, I still remember a boy that from BATU TIGA, he is older than me for a year but same form with me.He is a quite nice person.He is working for ANAKKU.But dunno why, he seem like scare me.Maybe i have scared him.Because i knew him at the Lift.I suddenly asked his name,age.. etc.If not mistaken his name is Lim Kui Bing (*Male).I dunno what he scare for his name.He always hust up his name from me.And at the lastday of working, i baru know his name.We seldom talk and seldom see each other when working.urm.. dunno how is him now?he is having SPM too... Erm, and he look like from a rich family.Hehe.. wanna kidnap him.. Just kidding la..hehe.
K, Next, let's talk about Phoon Beng(Female) She is same apartment with me.But too bad, our switch are totally different during November.When she was morning switch, i'm sure in afternoon switch.She continue working until Chrismas.She is same age with me but was in From 3 (2005).Erm, i wouldn't like to talk so many about her at here.Because of something..hehe..(*it's not a bad thing but is a good thing)
Erm, Next, that's Mei Yun.She are same age with me and at the same form but from different school.She study at titiwangsa.She is a quite pretty girl.Erm, she is working at Wolrd Of Cartoon but she just work for 7 days and soon she stopped working because HARI RAYA is over.erm..same here. i don't like to talk so many about her at here.because of something there..hehe..sry yea.
K Next, I would like to talk about KAHASH,KAHMIAH,KAHZAH,KK,KAK GANGAH,etc.. that worked at the same department.they all are my senior and all are older than me.some of them already worked for fews years at SOGO.Erm, they really teach me a lot of thing.Just like Working experiences,knowledge about this society etc. too many thing i earn from them.Oh yea, i nearly forget the supplier of best buy. She also teached me a lot.She is supplier of Best Buy.Wanna know how i know her or not?i said already, i'm working for seawood. bu too bad, they always put me to best buy there, so i always work for best buy and soon i knew her.She is graduated from RI XIN (a penang school) this school is quite famous because the student are very clever.just like chonghwa indepent at KL. They have around 90% student get 8 A in PMR. see, so you can guess how nice is that school is it?urm.. when she come to SOGO, she sure find me and talk something with me.hehe.. suddenly so miss her also..but dun think too far.. she is around 30++ years old ..

erm.. i felt that i talk too many about working. so now let's talk back the topic that aroound school.Erm,i went out many times with my friends during holidays.I went to MELAKA with my society friend (PP+PS),TIME SQUARE,SG WANG,SUNWAY PYRAMID.If not mistaken is those places.Any way, i had memoriable holidays for this year(2005) This is the nicest holiday that i haven been before.I enjoyed working with my workmate,enjoy my holidays with my friends.Sometimes, we go out yam cha.Sometimes,we go out play.I have a lot of fun with them!!erm.. i dunno where i said until already ><

erm.. let's jump to december.December, i go for tuisyen.The day that didn't tuisyen, i always find people go out for a drinks, or play or watch some movies.Erm, it's also a quite memoriable days and times.

Hehe, i think i said too many about the holidays even it was already passed..In addition, i have miss a lot of thing above there.Some i forgot to wrote up there.So. pai se yea. because it is too many thing to write at i can't write too many.Sorry at here first.

So now back to the school.
03/01/2006, school reopen!and now, i'm 5S3!!! our class.. almost all are same with last year.What was different is the teachers.The teachers are totally different.
erm, i have not many comments about my class..or my schoollifes yet.So about my new school life, i will post very later.. hehe.. kk la.. see yea my friends.