Tuesday, September 02, 2008


War happened everywhere.. In China, In Japan, In Russia, In Europe.. and in everyone... I had meet one of my friend.. and he told me that he is always the loser in the wars.. this is due to his environment and his good personality.. and he is having wars with many person as they are a good fighter... well... in the other hand, I was having war too.. and I was a loser.. and the lost had suffered me.. the effect is too strong.. as it is my weakness.. to overcome my weakness.. I would have to change my mind and thoughts.. but i knew.. i can't do that.. so what can i do is to accept the lost and suit myself with the lost.. but unfortunately, i have to face to my lost everyday... and it had hurt me.. that's why i have to change myself.. so solve the problem of facing the lost.. to find and lead a happier lifestyle..

That's my story in these few month that i was just told to few person..


Well, this few day I'm not comfortable.. I'm unhappy.. the stress and unhappiness had caused me to suffer of headache.. the condition is even worse in the class.. the noise, the crowd, the condition and the environment.. about the reason, I'm not likely to share.. this problem had affect me a lot.. can't fall in sleep... can't concentrate in studies... can't study at all.. and do nothing instead of nothing... forcefully.. i will have to give a good break to myself... to solve my own problem.. to settle all of these.. by finding the best solution.. and now, i had come to a conclusion, is this the best way for solving the problem? i bet it is.. and it may change my lifestyle... all of these... will have to thank to my friend and my brother... from what they told me before.. refresh and refresh in my mind.. this may be another drop in my life, but I had confidence that I could handle it nicely.. Even i had lose all of these, but i still have other... I could not ignore and forgot it.. maybe i was too straight for it before.. maybe i was too concentrate on it.. what i need to do is to be flexible.. in the coming few days.. is the begin of the changes.. the begin of my new lifestyle..

Day or Night

Am I thinking too much or over?
Histories had been made..
Truth, can be identified easily..
Who am I?
Just a little sand which can be ignored at all..
The existence is negligible..
As what the electron be..
The low Ionization Energy can be achieve easily..
The displacement reaction can occur spontaneously..
It is only been used when the atoms or molecule need for it’s specific uses..
It is only shift to those atom which have more electronegativity..
And I bet it would move when the timing reach..
And it is waiting the time to come..

Will only occur at a specific timing..
It is no longer with me..
It’s just dream..
All surrounded,
Is just bore, bore and bore..
Words, is just for the needs..
Games, is just for the needs..
Friends, is also for the needs..
There are nothing with me..
I hate..
The one who I be..
Hate the World’s creator..
It’s better be nothing..