Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Burnt of the money...

Do you believe that I had just burn some money? I'm sure you wont believe that if you are quite know well about me. But, I have to said that I have done it today.

I went for a cadet police's activity which located at Bukit Jalil -- Paint Ball. I had paid it for around Rm 40 for a game of Paint Ball. Actually, It is fun, but unfortunately it is too expensive. We reach the locale around 9am something and listened for a course for the rules and safeties of the game. And the game had began. We (lower form 6) had form a group with two juniors, that's Hui En and Wei Quan, that is, nine members in a group (We were in Group C which versus Group D-Our senior team) . We had form a lot of strategy for the game, But unfortunately we failed to attempt the aim of the strategy. Almost none of us had remembered the aim of the strategy. I felt that only Yin Lin and Wei Quan still remember what we said ( I am one of the guy who forgot the aim too.. >< ). Yin Lin tried to protect the flag from the opposite team and Wei Quan tried to get the Flag ( Actually I had been positioned to get one of the flags ). Due to our failure of the strategy, we lose to our senior team ( Upper form 6).

After having the game, most of us felt that it was not worth. Why? That's because the time is too short. It was just used up around 10 minutes ( excluding the time for the course and brief ) and our money had gone. RM 40 just for 10 minutes! Haiz.. but that's fact. All the lower sixer didn't get the additional bullet which priced RM12 for 50 extra bullets. For those other who paid for the additional bullets, they have a chance to play for a new game. We were just sat on ground and looking them for the game. Around 12pm something, the game was end up. We took bus to move down from the hill and Eik Ee and I was stopped at the LRT station. I took LRT to go home whereas Eik Ee wait for his father to fetch him back Puchong.

Miss Siti asked either we had form form six's student union or not but unfortunately we didn't have it. She suggested us to form form six's student union and I felt it's quite convenience for us because it will help us to get higher marks at our CGPA for Co curriculum. But, there have been a lot of problems which have to settle up to form the society. We have no activities and objective for the union. So, we have to think about it's objective and activities before we can take any actions for the formation of form six's Student Union. Hopefully we can do it but ... I have no confidence for that. Probably the teacher advisers of Student Union and teachers will not allowed us to do that. I felt that.. Their excuse, "You have no objective and activities to do at all.." or " It is difficult and many procedure have to do to form an organization. Your better pay more attention on your Studies instead of Societies. Your academic succeed will effect 90% of your CGPA. " will be difficult to solve it. >< But, I will try to discuss this issue with Hui Yin and other members as well.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It is worth to happy or sad?

I get a post on Science Society as a Secretary today. Is it worth to be happy or sad? Happy, because of getting marks in Co-cu ; Sad, because I have to spend more time on my society. Which of it is more worth, either sad or happy?

STPM examinees have to spend more time at Co-cu to get a better CGPA for STPM ( Co-cu take part of 10% of STPM's CGPA whereas Academic take part of 90%) . I'm a guy who quiet active in societies and always spend a lot of time for that. I felt that, responsibility of a person is very important for doing something. So, I always spend a lot of time on my societies and sometimes, I will abunden my studies just to do something that other felt no needs for doing that.

And now, I am Science Club's Secretary, what was my feels? I felt that I'm quite worry for that because my English is not good, it is very bad and even is the worst in my class. English is quite important in Science Club as most of it need English to communicate or writing the reports. Further more, I still have to ready some letters just to apply for some activities. It will take a lot of times of me. Is the remaining times sufficient for my studies and relaxes? I doubt for that. Another little question is.. most of the letter or report have to be printed, I didn't own a printer, am I need to buy for just for the society? I'm worry for my pocket money..>< haha.. I don't think I will do that. . That' all about my worries.

Should I happy for that? I think yes, but due to my worries, I don't think it will be quite happy.. haha.. This is my second times to be a secretary. I have been a vice secretary when I was form 4. But, I have just did a little thing because my heads all so lazy.. seldom created the activities and we had a very little numbers of members.. It's quite hard to form some activities.. I predict that there may be the same situation happen on this two year. >< But hopefully not to be. .

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Piala Hua Lo-Geng

I went to a Mathematic competition last Sunday which held at ChongHwa independent School's Hall. It may be the first time i represent school for the Mathematic Competition and first time I be at ChongHwa independent school. It has a school area and a nice garden as what i saw. But.. their toilet and classroom are not as what I expected.

The Competition began on 9.30 am. We entered the exam hall at 9.00 for the initial ceremony. The question is quite tough and it is in two languages form- Chinese and English . I don't know do most of it, Even some easy question that I had learned before, that is lower form question. >< So, I think I have to do some revision on my previous studies. I wonder I still can handle mathematic as well as what i had done at the previous year.

Here are some (insist that it have more and more questions) questions that I don't know do yet.

1. Let x be the 3 digit number such that when x is divided by 4, the remainder is 3, when x is divided by 25, the remainder is 21. Find the sum of the last 2 digit of x.
A- 2
B- 5

2. Find the radius of the circle inscribed by the triangle bounded by the x-axis, y-axis and x+y=1.
A- 1-(0.5)(square root of 2)
B- (0.5)(square root of 2)
C- 1
D- 0.5

3. Find the distance from P(0,3) from (y square) = x.
B-square root of 3
C-square root of 5

4. A triangle has sides a,b and c and the radius of the circle inscribed inside is r. Suppose the area of the triangle is twice that of the circle. Express r in terms of a, b and c.
A-2(a+b+c)/ pi

There are more questions that i still don't know how to do ( almost all of it). ><