Sunday, March 27, 2005

my new mail..

well...i have just creat an new old yahoo mail have been suspend...i also don't know why..sigh...
this is all my mail..


Saturday, March 19, 2005


Today i wake up early and wait for my brother coming to my house.Around 11.00a.m,he arrive my house.And then jun seng call us,then we go find jun seng,and go to timesquare hang kai kai.we go to eat secret recipe.hehe..this time de secret recipe special delicious leh..cause...some reason...wah kakaka..don't want tell you all jek^^then we go hang kai kai...and finally...I STILL CAN'T FIND THE THING THAT I WANT TO BUY!!!why that thing that i want to buy go where also no de? there are still have place that i haven go search yet(Mdvalley) square...KLCC..etc..i also go find liao..also cannot find...gek sei o liao..but luckily i still can buy a present for one of my i still need two more present...1 boy and 1 girl present really very difficult leh..

erm..after we hang wan kai kai liao leh,then we go to jia wei them.then we go to play cheap only leh...cheaper than de...wah kakaka...i play 3 round only dai..

then me and da xiang go home first lor...cause da xiang don't want back so late..then da xiang and me take a leave and go home.after i go home,then i go to barber shop do some very very yong sui liao..^^..after business finish..then i go home again lar...and then my sister invite me go to hang kai kai again..then i mar go to hang kai kai again lor...erm..luckily walk liao 1 hour 30 minute got buy 1 clothes ..if not ..i really gantung diri leh...then after shopping then i go home again lor...and then my sister go out yam cha..i don't want go..cause i so tired liao..then i go home...sit at the chair...3 minute...and then...go to play computer liao^^ life so easy nia^^today is what i done..wah kakaka...

Monday, March 14, 2005

My sister go to Pahang already...

Today,i wake up around 6.50a.m.then i wait for my family,my neighbour and my sister friends.
Around 7.45a.m,we go to Bukit Jalil by LRT Star Line.We arrive there around 8.30a.m then say goodbye to my sister..then around 10.00a.m, we go home.And now...i'm typing something in front of the computer...I think my sister is on the way to Pahang right wish all the best for my lovely sister when she at Pahang.

I love you,My sister.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Harry Potter

any one of you know where can buy something that about harry potter ( at kl) ?
i wish to buy but don't know where to buy it...
tell me if you know where can buy it...thank you very much...

3 party helding at the same time...

Well,there are three party will held at the same time today.There are My friend,Cheng Ling Fan's birthday party,My Neighbour,Chun Li Chun's birthday party and My Sister,Lam Heng Yue's birthday+ leaving party.

Well,i wake up early around 8.30 and go to school around 10.50a.m.i wait Kimhui until 11.30a.m then i baru know kenyi haven come out yet.So,we decide to go to KLCC by ourselve by taxi.We arrive KLCC then terus go to KFC fastfood restaurant for lunch.Yao Hern and Kenyi are very 'geng' they found us at KFC with thier six sense.

After havinc a little lunch,we go for a little shopping and buying ticket for movie.We can't find any suitable present for LingFan and My friends.We decide to see the 'Robot'.Around 1.20p.m, we go for a little movie.After watch the 'Robot',we go and shopping for a long time.We found a beautiful car that maybe suitable for LingFan cause we don't know eiter he like car or not.So we go for shopping again,we go to bookshop.There are many books that i interest but we can't found any books that LingFan like.But..i buy a book..don't want tell you which book that i bought,hehe.I will only tell my brother and intimate friends.But anyway,we can't found any better present for him,so we decide to buy the car for him.We dislike the shopper's serve..I want to complain..but i forget what the shop's name already.After that,we go for shopping again..because i want to buy some present for my other friends.I can't found Harry Potter's thing that i want to present to one of my friends.So we decide to leave KLCC because some girls are waiting for us and maybe desa setapak got the thing that i wish to buy.When we arrive Desa Setapak,we can't found any Harry Potter's thing and many shops are closing.So I say goodbye to them and go home.

After reach home,then i call my sister.They are at 'singing K'.So i waiting them finish then come back and fetch me go.Then we having a little party with my neighbour and my sister.So here is two little party helding together.Around 11.30,i come back home and feel tired...i want to sleep..but i talk with my family and my neighbour until midnight 2.00++a.m then i baru go sleep.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Society Upgrade !!!

Yesterday i get a newest news...that is...about my society...
my society..SPBT have upgrade!!! now is Lembage already..mean..same standard with perfect,librarian,UBS and student union...hehe..good leh...^^

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Wau! to day so suang...exam 4 paper 3 don't know how to do...i started like MT liao..cause it got 'tiao zhan xing'...EST i so bu suang...5 words 4 word don't know the meaning...i think i cannot work aboard liao...sob i think i need to study English when the middle of year and the end of year...when holiday...and then when schoolday i want find MT question liao...lebih susah lebih suang...wah kakaka

Sunday, March 06, 2005

good...a nice day... me so geng...just a few hour...then so fast finish 5 subject....i mean do revision lar..i think ..erm..around 4 fast..firstly..i want to thank you A..cause he lend his place to let me to study..secondly..i would like to thank B and C cause didn't mind to study with me since i'm stupid...erm..i think monday + tuesday i can finish all subject...wah kakaka...really thank them^^...wish them will go at monday and tuesday lar^^...