Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My new Life...

It's my new lifestyle begin.. Everything had changed and have to change.. To the life that make everybody to be comfortable..

Most of my friends' examinations have just gone.. and their holidays had began! Conversely, my examination had just began.. and my holidays are far from me now.. the nearest holidays should be the Hari Raya Holidays.. But I will enjoy their holiday as well even my schooldays will be continue.. because we may have quite a long time didn't meet each other or just simply have a tea? Hopefully it may be my good memories with them..

Friday, September 14, 2007


I changed my title from Maybe to NONE.. because there are nothing interesting about me.. I felt that I am equal to nothing.. nothing.. and nothing.. Hopefully I will full fill the 'nothing' with something at the future.. In the other word, I lost myself.. .. ..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Confiscation of my chemistry textbook

My Chemistry textbook and note have been confiscate by Pn. Law today! But i had took back.. kaka..

I brought my Chemistry textbook and note to the assembly today because I haven prepared finish yet about my Chemistry. I have the first Chemistry examination today! But, the condition that L6B student take book to the assembly for study isn't the first image because it had been a routine. But, I always bring book to the assembly and didn't even take a look on it. I will just gossip with my friends which sit around me. Due to this habit, I had been caught by Pn. Law for gossiping with friend during Pn. Chek's speech. She said I'm not giving any respect to Pn. Chek who are speaking on the stage. As a result, she confiscated my books. and I have to take back the book from her after school. It's quite suffer because I haven prepared finish about my chemistry. Luckily, I can borrow my classmate's book for a reading.

I went to Pn. Law office immediately after school to get back my books. I got her scold for getting back the book. She said I had gave her a good impression before but now I had changed a lot ( Am I? ) She also mentioned about nowadays the our Lower form thought we are the eldest and always didn't give any respect to teachers. And the most important thing that she told me is.. So she wanna to 'Kill one and warn other!" , and I'm the white mouse.. ><

Chemistry Examination..

Today was my first Chemistry Examination. I thought it was so hard because my friends' class, L6F had a very difficult test. Most of them fail in their Chemistry exam because the question was quite tough and their teacher marked fiercely. I was afraid that this exam may be my first exam which fail. ( I had never failed any paper exam at the lower form.. ^^ ) because the range of the exam is quite large, that is from chapter 1 until chapter 5 while L6F exam only a chapter by chapter.

Fortunately, when i watched on the exam paper, it's quite easy-- most of the question are 1 marks or 2 marks ( lower marks mean the question isn't very hard- Physics class's chemistry exam mostly >5 marks as what i saw). I had done all the question but i'm not so sure about certain question. I just wrote what i knew in the paper and hope it may pass and don't be my first exam which fail. @.@

BIO first experiment

Last Friday we have went to the Bio Laboratory for our first Bio experiment. It is fun, man! But the preparation job have made us rush all the way.We have to catch our specimen before the day of experiment. We have to catch one housefly and a locust for our experiment.

A week before the experiment day, we had think about all the possible location that may be locust habitat. We had went to few places to check either there was a locust habitat or not, Jennifer's neighborhood (Wangsamaju), my neighborhood (Sentul) and Wen Ze's neighborhood (Melawati) as some examples. Some of other had went to other place too, such as Sri Gombak, Chonghwa Area (12 floor) and other places that possible. After discovered those place, my gang had found that some area which located at Melawati, that is, Wen Ze's neighborhood had a lot of grasshopper. We went to her house for a lunch then started our mission to catch grasshopper. As a reward, we had caught nine grasshoppers, but it's quite small for our specimens. My leg had been bite by a insect that i don't know it's name. It suck my blood and made my leg flood of blood. It's disgusting, man! So, as a last decision, we used crickets as our specimens ( we bought it). Even it may destroy our hardness to get the grasshopper, but it had gave us a good memory about the catching of grasshoppers. I were fully enjoyed it.

Another specimen, that is, houseflies had made me headache. I don't know where to get it. A day before the experiment, Eik Ee and I went to Sentul to search for the houseflies at night but unfortunately we failed to get anyone of it. there is no flies available at night of Sentul! We had ask for our friends' help to get some to us, but they were also faced their own problems, many of them were died or can't catch any fly as what we face to. At last, those who can not get fly may have to catch it at school. Fortunately, Our school rubbish ban have a lot of flies. almost all of us who couldn't get flies or specimen had died went to there for the catch.

Last Friday, we went to the laboratory and started our specimen. Firstly, we put some chloroforms into the container which contain our insects. The insects died and we started placed it at the polister and started arranged it's shape especially theirs legs. Some of them had made their legs gone, and I'm one of them. ><><

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Report of RIMUP

At 20th of August 2007, Liew Haw Jiun and I go to SMK Seri Bintang Utara at around 2.00p.m. All the KL's representatives have to gather at SMK Seri Bintang Utara for a pre-RIMUP day. The JPWPKL officers told us something that we should know about RIMUP. This may be a good chance to us to live with other race because most of my friends are Chinese. I have never be with other race. In addition, this may cause less problems that appear during RIMUP activities because we know what are we going to do in these few days.

At 21th of August 2007, All of the Kuala Lumpur's representatives embark to Ipoh by bus. All representatives from whole Malaysia been divided into 9 groups and I was in a group which wen to Kerian, Perak. Locality government of Kerian had held a welcome ceremony to 'Kerian' group at the first night. We had visit a historical place and an exhibition center at the next day. We also have a chance to sit for boat. Furthermore, there were also a sport competition among 'Kerian' group mates and the villagers, It was a good experience for me because I have never sit for boat before and I have a chance to visit the historical place. But, Unfortunately, the historical place is just have three large 'hole' without any ancient evidence, In addition, the sport competition were hit it's target -- improve racial unity and made a good relationship between participates. After having all of these, we back to the inn that we stay and enjoyed the locality school's performances.

All the RIMUP participates had to back Ipoh on 23th of August. We have to sit for a course of the effect of bribes against country and family and family's love. This course had successfully increase my hates against bribes. We went to a neighborhood which located at Ipoh at the next day. We get to know the neighborhood, that is, Taman Mutiara history background, the problems that they are facing and we had created a good relationship with them. Unfortunately, some activities had been canceled at 24th of August. All participates have to stay in the hotel. But, in the other hand, it create a good chance to allow the participates to know more about their room mates. I had know more about my room mate especially more about Islam, for an example, how they pray.

The next day, 25th of August, we went to a field to create 'dodol' with the villagers and National Service's participates. It is a good experience for me because I do not know anything about the process to make 'dodol' After the 'dodol' making process, all participates went to a school to look for a F1 sho. The F1 show is not at what I expected. It just show up some 'little cars' but it had successfully show up the technology of Malaysia.

The last day, 26th of August, was the ending ceremony. All participate have a chance to look for our PM, Abdullah Badawi. Some of them may fortunately shake their hand with Badawi but i didn;t have such a good luck because I sat quite far from him. The ending ceremony have a stain. There were a technical problem appear during the ceremony. A performance could not been perform nicely because of the technical problem. At last, the performance had been canceled because the lacking of times.

Holistically, RIMUP have given me a good memories and made a lot of friends to me especially other races, such as those races from Sabah and Sarawak. The duration from a place to another place had taken a very long time. Almost all the participate did not waste the times in bus. We get to know more about other bus mates or just take a good nap in the bus. Most of my friends from RIMUP and I did not have enough sleep during RIMUP because the timetable is quite full. So we wont waste up any time that may take a good nap. We were also had many chances to test on the villagers' traditional foods. We were given 5 meals in a day during RIMUP. We also been presented a lot of souvenirs. I get many souvenirs especially from 'Kerian' peoples. In a conclusion, I felt that RIMUP have increase the strength of unity of all races of Malaysia in the participates.

Prepared by,
(Mr. Lam)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Burnt of the money...

Do you believe that I had just burn some money? I'm sure you wont believe that if you are quite know well about me. But, I have to said that I have done it today.

I went for a cadet police's activity which located at Bukit Jalil -- Paint Ball. I had paid it for around Rm 40 for a game of Paint Ball. Actually, It is fun, but unfortunately it is too expensive. We reach the locale around 9am something and listened for a course for the rules and safeties of the game. And the game had began. We (lower form 6) had form a group with two juniors, that's Hui En and Wei Quan, that is, nine members in a group (We were in Group C which versus Group D-Our senior team) . We had form a lot of strategy for the game, But unfortunately we failed to attempt the aim of the strategy. Almost none of us had remembered the aim of the strategy. I felt that only Yin Lin and Wei Quan still remember what we said ( I am one of the guy who forgot the aim too.. >< ). Yin Lin tried to protect the flag from the opposite team and Wei Quan tried to get the Flag ( Actually I had been positioned to get one of the flags ). Due to our failure of the strategy, we lose to our senior team ( Upper form 6).

After having the game, most of us felt that it was not worth. Why? That's because the time is too short. It was just used up around 10 minutes ( excluding the time for the course and brief ) and our money had gone. RM 40 just for 10 minutes! Haiz.. but that's fact. All the lower sixer didn't get the additional bullet which priced RM12 for 50 extra bullets. For those other who paid for the additional bullets, they have a chance to play for a new game. We were just sat on ground and looking them for the game. Around 12pm something, the game was end up. We took bus to move down from the hill and Eik Ee and I was stopped at the LRT station. I took LRT to go home whereas Eik Ee wait for his father to fetch him back Puchong.

Miss Siti asked either we had form form six's student union or not but unfortunately we didn't have it. She suggested us to form form six's student union and I felt it's quite convenience for us because it will help us to get higher marks at our CGPA for Co curriculum. But, there have been a lot of problems which have to settle up to form the society. We have no activities and objective for the union. So, we have to think about it's objective and activities before we can take any actions for the formation of form six's Student Union. Hopefully we can do it but ... I have no confidence for that. Probably the teacher advisers of Student Union and teachers will not allowed us to do that. I felt that.. Their excuse, "You have no objective and activities to do at all.." or " It is difficult and many procedure have to do to form an organization. Your better pay more attention on your Studies instead of Societies. Your academic succeed will effect 90% of your CGPA. " will be difficult to solve it. >< But, I will try to discuss this issue with Hui Yin and other members as well.

Friday, August 10, 2007

It is worth to happy or sad?

I get a post on Science Society as a Secretary today. Is it worth to be happy or sad? Happy, because of getting marks in Co-cu ; Sad, because I have to spend more time on my society. Which of it is more worth, either sad or happy?

STPM examinees have to spend more time at Co-cu to get a better CGPA for STPM ( Co-cu take part of 10% of STPM's CGPA whereas Academic take part of 90%) . I'm a guy who quiet active in societies and always spend a lot of time for that. I felt that, responsibility of a person is very important for doing something. So, I always spend a lot of time on my societies and sometimes, I will abunden my studies just to do something that other felt no needs for doing that.

And now, I am Science Club's Secretary, what was my feels? I felt that I'm quite worry for that because my English is not good, it is very bad and even is the worst in my class. English is quite important in Science Club as most of it need English to communicate or writing the reports. Further more, I still have to ready some letters just to apply for some activities. It will take a lot of times of me. Is the remaining times sufficient for my studies and relaxes? I doubt for that. Another little question is.. most of the letter or report have to be printed, I didn't own a printer, am I need to buy for just for the society? I'm worry for my pocket money..>< haha.. I don't think I will do that. . That' all about my worries.

Should I happy for that? I think yes, but due to my worries, I don't think it will be quite happy.. haha.. This is my second times to be a secretary. I have been a vice secretary when I was form 4. But, I have just did a little thing because my heads all so lazy.. seldom created the activities and we had a very little numbers of members.. It's quite hard to form some activities.. I predict that there may be the same situation happen on this two year. >< But hopefully not to be. .

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Piala Hua Lo-Geng

I went to a Mathematic competition last Sunday which held at ChongHwa independent School's Hall. It may be the first time i represent school for the Mathematic Competition and first time I be at ChongHwa independent school. It has a school area and a nice garden as what i saw. But.. their toilet and classroom are not as what I expected.

The Competition began on 9.30 am. We entered the exam hall at 9.00 for the initial ceremony. The question is quite tough and it is in two languages form- Chinese and English . I don't know do most of it, Even some easy question that I had learned before, that is lower form question. >< So, I think I have to do some revision on my previous studies. I wonder I still can handle mathematic as well as what i had done at the previous year.

Here are some (insist that it have more and more questions) questions that I don't know do yet.

1. Let x be the 3 digit number such that when x is divided by 4, the remainder is 3, when x is divided by 25, the remainder is 21. Find the sum of the last 2 digit of x.
A- 2
B- 5

2. Find the radius of the circle inscribed by the triangle bounded by the x-axis, y-axis and x+y=1.
A- 1-(0.5)(square root of 2)
B- (0.5)(square root of 2)
C- 1
D- 0.5

3. Find the distance from P(0,3) from (y square) = x.
B-square root of 3
C-square root of 5

4. A triangle has sides a,b and c and the radius of the circle inscribed inside is r. Suppose the area of the triangle is twice that of the circle. Express r in terms of a, b and c.
A-2(a+b+c)/ pi

There are more questions that i still don't know how to do ( almost all of it). ><

Monday, July 30, 2007

Go for a Lecture next month

Everything happened as usual. We studied as usual, ate breakfast together as usual, chat as usual, play together as usual.. everything were the same.. but, something was different from usual - Pn Soong went into our class around 12.45pm, and ask either anybody is interested to go for a lecture at Ipoh next month. Unfortunately, I have been chosen due to our class excellently characteristic - inactive and bullying ability, classmates have persuade teacher to choose me for going the lecture. Up to my relationship with Pn. Soong ( she always say i smile smile smile.. >< ) then I have been chosen.

I followed her to go to L6A. At the time we arrived L6A, We saw Jia Gen playing his mobile phone at his classroom. How dare were him, he did not even noticed that Pn. Soong were watching him to play mobile phone. And he have been ordered to see Pn. Soong at the early morning of tomorrow. Unfortunately, there were nobody who interested to go for the lecture at L6A.

Afterward, I follower Pn. Soong to go to the another class, that is, L6F. The same thing had happened. Nobody were interested to go for the lecture. When Pn. Soong were begin to back to the office, I told Pn. Soong that Huan Yong were interested. Due to my good 'help', he have to follow Pn. Soong to the office to get the more details for the lecture.

Huan Yong told me that he had told this lecture to his father before but didn't get any good response. Actually, he also wish to go for the lecture. That's good! It show that I didn't give wrong 'help' to him. haha.. After get for the further details, I have been noticed that I cannot attend for Sport Club & Former Club's Farewell Party and Telematch as well because of the Lecture. The Lecture is held between 21-25th of Ogos whereas Farewell Party is on 25 and Telematch is at 24th of Ogos. Whatever .. My parents had agree me to join the lecture, so do juan.. haha.. she have no right to control me la.. keke.. I Wish that I will have some nice days and memories from the lecture at Ipoh.. :) Do wish me too?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Lose of ChongHwa

It was a quite tire morning. I woke up around 5.10am for my preparation to school and reached school approximately 6.15am. Afterward, I went to MCKL with my other schoolmates for a sport games competition.

After reach MCKL that located nearby Tun Sambanthan Monorail Station, we saw many muscular sportsmen and sportswomen with larger size bodies compared to our school representatives. We started predicted that either we will lose or win at the competitions. We try to calm down ourselves with a Chinese phrase,' Human could not be predict by his or her out-looking, as the volume of sea could not be measure by Gallons'. We had sat at the basketball court for the opening ceremony followed by a performance ( PA systems had mess up it's performance unfortunately). We have been sent to MCKL's badminton court for listen for some rules of the competition followed by sending us to DBKL's badminton court for the competitions.

Unfortunately, the phrase that mentioned above had failed to prevent the fact to come through. Those muscular sportsmen and sportswomen had won all ChongHwa's representatives. In the other words, ALL CHONGHWA'S REPRESENTATIVES LOSE ALL THE COMPETITIONS. I'm one of the badminton competition's loser. I had lose to a team of my seniors with 21 of 30 points.

After get back to MCKL, we have been noticed that ALL of the 91 school's representatives have lose in all kind of the competitions, no matter badminton competitions or basketball competition or football competitions. It's shame, but we have to admit for the shames. After the lose of the competitions, we gone for lunch ( we took the foods from canteen and ate at the embankment). After ate the lunch, I suddenly remember that I have to attend to my sister's graduate ceremony, so i called to my sister and my sister wanted me to back home immediately. Forcedly, I have to take monorail to back home instead of waiting the school bus. But.. after I was got in to the monorail station ( after I had passed through the ticket region ), I saw the school bus arrived. I was so displeased when I saw the bus. I should wait for fews minutes!!

I bathed after i reached home followed by went to TARC for my sister's graduate ceremony. It's quite suffer for waiting the time to go. My sister graduate ceremony have been finish at 4.30pm something like that. We reach there earlier and have to stand out of the Collage Hall for waiting the ceremony to reach the end. After I have met my sister, all of us, that is, my family and my sister's friends grated her and caught a lot of pictures out of the Collage Hall. Around 5pm something like that.. I received Juan's message..

Hence, I went to Hui Chi's birthday party until night and reached home around 10+pm. This was how I was full-filled my weekend.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Sad Exam

I was just have my PA exam today. It contain an essay and a graph drawing. Unfortunately, I fail to finish both of it. I had just finish up the essay with half-drawing the graph. The essay contain 25% of 60% and the graph contain 15 % of it. The rest marks will be the objective question's marks.

I have not do well in my objective paper and I worry that the graph marks will further drop down my marks. I predicted that my PA paper will be approximately more than half- that's not fail in the exam. But, I worry that my prediction will have some differ. ( Or I have not enough confidence on myself? )

Hopefully my PA paper will not fail because I have never fail in any paper exams before. I don't wish to broke my record just on this exam. I heard one of my senior said that, if you are a form sixer, you will fail at least once in form 6. Will it be truth? I don't wish too..

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Should I Excuse From Study Group?

I had form a study group at my class that held from 1.30-3.30pm every Monday- Thursday. I felt it is useless and couldn't give any benefits to me nor my friends.

I had asked for teachers, friends, net friends and seniors opinions about the Study Groups. Most of them prefer to have Study Group because it may help a lot on our studies. But, what was happened on the Study Group was.. all discuss somethings that out of topics and play along the times... lesser times spend on studies.. i felt i better stay at home to study by myself if i really want to study.. in addition, we are having the study group at our class while our class always been used by other society especially the acting groups.. they always make noise that may disturb our studies.. As a conclusion, i wonder should i continue to join the study group or not.. if I should, what's the points of continuing the study group? If should not, what can I do?

I felt that the Study Group may be more efficient with the other's class student attendance because the different teacher may teach the different thing. We may combine all of the teaches and make a better conclusion and share what we have learn from teachers.. But, I have failed to acquire other class students attendance unfortunately.

Hence, should I excuse from the study group or .. ?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Miss Ong ANGRY!!

I had made Miss Ong, my monitor angry today. Why does she angry on me? Here the reason :

Two days ago, that is Thursday, I accept one of my senior's phone at night. She told me that Science Club may have an activity on Friday. She asked which topic that my mathematic teacher teach until and she want me to tell my classmates and Physics students about the activity on Friday. She also said the attendance is depend on ourself. That mean, you may decide either you want to attend the activity or not, it's not a must.

After the conversation, I sent the news to my other friends through SMS. Unfortunately, i could not send to all of the Science Students. I ask for the other helps to disperse the news to the other.

At the early morning, i wrote the notice at the board. Miss Ong saw it and started her scolding appoint me. She scold why told the news lately. She was not able to arrange her time so she could not attend the Science Club Activity. She will less an attendance. But i can not do anything else wat. :( so i only can let her to scold me and did nothing.

She was unhappy at the times before the recess time. The teacher noticed it and ask for the reason for her unhappy. she answered, " I am angry with somethings". But Fortunately, she is getting better after the recess time. Why do i say so? Because of her SMILE.. :)

Form 6, Is it a correct way for me?

Form 6, is it a correct way for me? I doubt about it, But i have to admit that it is the only way that i should and can go. Why i say so? This is a good question for me. It's because my lousy English and I have no idea where should I go after I have graduated. But, since I have already choose form 6 as my way, i have to lead to the end of the way -- that's STPM. Well, STPM is still a agony for me. I have still can not suitable with the condition. The syllabus is quite tough for me and I am still can not memorise what the teachers taught me. :( I have to arrange my time, such as deduce my entertainment times ( unfortunately, i failed to attempt it), spend more times on studies ( but in the same times, I have increase the time to sleep ) , and so on.

There are a question that often asked by other, " How is your form 6 life, is everything fine there? " usually I will answer like this, " Everything is fine here, but I am still can not handle the tough homework."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Week After I Work

From day to day, I have left SPM examination 2006 around two (2) month. I had enjoyed my holidays for around one (1) and a half month, and now, i'm enjoying my working days. I am working at a lawyer office within the days to wait for the SPM results and waiting for the begin of form six (6) classes.

I have choosed form six (6) as my further study but yet, I haven decide which class shouldI get in. I am still wondering about the future ( 'future' refer to the job that available after my studies at form six (6) classes * either is physic or biology classes ). I only know that engineering courses are available for form six (6) physic classes and medical and many other courses are available for form six (6) biology claases.Sigh.. sad to say that.. i know that everything have it's benefits and cons, but I'll still try to get more information for my studies. Wish I can decide my further studies as fast as I can.

How was my holidays? This holidays have bring a great memory to me. I have at least a date with somebody everyday since 16th December 2006 until 16th January 2007 except two (2) days, that's 27th December 2006 and 15th January 2007. I have no choice to stay at home during the last day of the SPM examination 2006 until a day before 16th December 2006. I was sick at that moment. Too bad, I couldn't attend my class's gathering. It brought a black mark to me.

I'm working at a lawyer office that named Wong Chiong Seng & Co. Advocates & Solicitor that located at Jalan Maharajalela. I'm working as a office boy. As a office boy, I hae to receive phone, faxing, photostating, typing and open giles etc. Actually m job are quite free, mostly sit on the chair and do nothing, just wait for the time to go through. I have to strictly to my boss and his assisstant orders. While I was typing or writing something, I always worry about either I had made any mistake or not, especially digits. I scare that if I put more or less zero (0). So, mostly I will double check before sent up. As what I have done, I felet that most of the cases that the firm accept are Sale and Purchase Agreement ( formerly known as SPA ) and will.So, if you have killed someone or any other serious crime, i don't know either my boss can help or not. Haha.. but, I believe that none of my friend will get in these kind of cases, is it?

My birthday is coming soon, I am going to be 18 years old soon. My friends are planning a little gathering on my birthday. Actually birthday is just am excuse to gather our classmate and friends. Most of our friends have started working or studying. It's difficult to get an excuse to gather all of us. Sincem y birthday is coming soon, so I suggest it to my friend. Haha... am i bad? But, I'm sure that there are less friends will going to, not caused by working, then should be transport, finance or other reason. Sad to say that, I wish that there will be moe people are planning to join us, because I believe that, more people will bing out more fun, is it? But, let me tell you the truth. Actually...If more people are going, that show that I will accept more present. Haha!!!!