Saturday, July 30, 2005

Shouldn't I?

erm.. shouldn't i continue blog? seldom online.. even online also seldom msn.. at school seldom havething happen.. suft net also don't know suft what.. nothing can post.. so pity.. erm..this all is 'fei hua'..forget it.. .. .. .. .. ..

erm.. this is the true.. nothing special happened on me recently.. my mind always 'sot' with something.. i don't know how to decribe it..

on msn..
nothing can talk..
nobody can talk..
online = offline
those intimate friends 'appear offline'

on society..
busy? free? i also don't know either i'm busy or free.. having P.P Farewell Party today.. i'm take part in game station and 'persembahan'..i felt that i'm damm a loser.. i did very bad today.. i felt sad on that.. cause i'm not full taking part on it and i hard to contact with those member and based on some problems that i don't know how to say..
K.Kewangan + SPBT's Farewell party will be held soon.. i wish that that will be more sucessful than this time Farewell party..but.. can i do that? will other cooperate with me? i doubt about it.. but.. i should say.. i sure can do that..

on academy..
examination have just passing..i don't know either i can handle it or not? i felt that most of it i'm just trying my lucky only..cause i am not have many time to spend on revisionand study and some problems have make me felt confuse.. and on the way.. i knew that i was sick.. i felt that it is a seriuos 'penyakit' for me.. cause it nearly make me to felt to suicide.. but luckily i have try to selttle it.. and now i felt was a physchology penyakit..

on friendship..
i fell into agony of friendship making.. i have break some of my friendship.. because of some reason.. i have triedto settle it.. but.. i failed.. everything have positive and negative ways.. maybe this broken friendship will make us have a better life for future? who know it?(i'm trying to stay clam by myself) other than that, many of my friendship started having problems now( it's time and a chance to upgrade our friendship, to make it become better and better!) i need to do some 'jian tao' need to know more about me..if you knew any bad thing about me.. just tell me.. i wont angry one.. and i will accept it..

on net world..
i felt alone.. so i try to play games to find more friends.. i play mabilogy recently.. well.. maybe it is a boring game for many person.. but i'm still enjoying it.. this game haven start yet in Malaysia.. but is a new game for Taiwan and was a old game for Korean..

on real world..
sometimes i felt a bit 'wai' when eating meat.. i don't know why i start feelling eating meat is a 'zui e' . after i went to the buddhist camp.. i start scare to eat meat.. but.. what can i do? i already eat meat for a very long time.. so what to do? ijust can change it step by step.. wish god can forgive me..

on religion..
i felt confuse.. i don't know which god should i belong to.. sometimes i belive jesus.. sometimes i belive buddha.. sometime i didn't believe any god.. etc.. ooh my god.. who are you? (sorry if i touch any sensitive issue)

on family..
enjoying family life.. i felt i'm very lucky on this world!!!

on interest..
i start interest on biology recently.. don't know why.. i felt it was so mysterious.. i wish to find out the reason of it..

on country..
i start like korean recently.. because of a movie called "dai cheong gam" . after watching this movie.. i start like this country.. it's view is very nice.. history so cool.. but i can analysis the reason why i like it.. because it's history is quite same with chinese.. hehe.. otherwise, it's history is so interest too..

on music..
i start know a singer from korean , Boa. She is my god's sister's idol.. but i still not clear about her..other than that.. i also seldom hear songs and music recently..

on time..
i'm short of time now.. i need more time to rest, to analysis my thing,to finish my homework,to enjoy life with friends, to read and buy those book that i wish to read (interested book).. time is money.. should i waste it easily?

now.. it's time to go to watch "dai cheong gam".. so i have to stop here.. but i still have a little problems.. should i continuse posting my lifestyle since i'm short of time now? or stop posting for a moment and just post when i'm free..But.. if i have to post.. what should i post? i have nothing much can share with other.. the main reason is my memory become worser.. can't remember too many thing.. i'm sorry.. my friends..

Saturday, July 16, 2005

need a rest time..

long time didn't online and blog liao.I don't know what should i blog to.So, let share something with you all..

i'm quite busy recently.. i think i will busy until 20/08/2005, then i will have rest for a long, i'm busy with my society things..but not my academy things.. i have to finish up sidang's messages before next week and pass up next week..i also need to in charge in P.P's MP and K.K+SPBT's MP.. so, i will quite busy recently.. and i didn't have enough time to sleep and study or do my rivision.. In other's mind, maybe no do rivision will make result become worse is not so good, but for me, result getting bad is a good thing, cause somebody say me chuan cause the exam result..and my result getting bad maybe wil make one or more of my friendship's problems be settle.. wish what i think is correct lar..

i always put my society at the first place, so i always do my society's thing before do homework and rivision, and now.. i think i also no do rivision for 1 or more year liao lor.. cause except society thing, i still have something to settle.. and it will always make me stay in agony.. so now other than soiety thing, i still need to settle those thing..erm.. gtg..add on next time lor..^^

Sunday, July 03, 2005

July.. Busy soon..

i will be busy soon.. not only for society.. but acedemy too.. i don't wanna go out play liao.. i think i better spend my time on my study.. and my society..

now.. i have to busy with sidang,leadcamp,'chang shi bi sai',and kewangan de thing.. after settle all.. i will go and settle my academy problem.. find people go out discuss our academy problem.. and find teacher for help.. but.. can i find someone to accompany me? i doubt about it.. cause many people will busy with their society soon..

sigh.. wish faster settle all and back to the normal life.. god bless you all..

Saturday, July 02, 2005

3 Days Later..

3 Days later my sister will bring the new computer back home.And this old computer will give to her friend.So i just left 3 days with it.After that need to say byebye to the computer.This Computer spend around 4 or 5 years with me.Erm, so miss it.So i have to back up all the thing that i have in this computer. Poor man.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Busy? or Free?

Today, i'm quite busy, especially after school.In the morning, i'm busy for finding teacher and some students who haven pass up their message to us. After that i have a little meeting for AJK Penyelengaraan Class/Pusat ( i'm AJK Penyelengaraan for class ).They inform us that we will have AGM today.But i have 5 to go after school. So i think i wont go there after school.

When i went back to the classroom, I let My moral teacher, Pn Tan scold me again. She always scold me that i always ponteng her class.Now i already seldom go out duty.But maybe is because in the begin of this year i always go out for duty SPBT and P.P so that let her have a image that i always ponteng class one.After that, we go for Kimia PEKA. It is quite nice, i like to do eksperimen.My group was done two of the eksperimen.But one of the 'set elektrolisis' have broke, the Kuprum (II) Sulfat ran out. But luckily is because the Karbon 'not ketat'.It is ok, we done well.^^

After that, I went to canteen fast fast eat one sandwich and go find teacher again.Teacher ask me to give back the message to the best sportman/spotwomen in our school.Then i go find them.But, too bad, i can't found them.I pass it to their classmate to sent it to them.Monday have to pass up all the thing that we done to teacher.So must finish it ASAP.

Then is English lesson, teacher wasn't feel well and she let us to do our own work.She gave the answer of the literature to monitor to ask him copy to whiteboard to let us check/copy.Finally is Fizik PEKA.We finish it nicely but we found that we have some mistake on it.We can't found out m1v1=m2v2 , 0=0 . I let teacher see our result.She say we done correctly.Then we just copy it to our PEKA paper and change a bit.

After school, I can say a bit busy.Actually i have 5 ways to go.That is :-
-Go watch SHOW TIME
-Finish Sidang thing
-Persatuan Buddha (camp)
-Science Society
-AGM P.Penyelengaraan

But what i choosed is finish Sidang thing.After Finish school, i went to Sidang's Room to finish some of my message,then Fei Wen found me.We found the other who haven pass up their message again but sadly, we just found some of it.Some have went home.I went to= SHOW TIME too.But i was different with other one.Other go there watch, i go there find people.(--)waste RM8 just went in a while and find people.

When i went to P.B.Cina's Room to look for someone, Yan Teng told me Karen Yong was finding me and i was become a 'chou wei' of 'chang shi bi sai'.Then she bring me to class 4E1, they are having meeting there.Wah, i found that i also is a 'chou wei' of Lead Camp, we have to do manything is the week that coming soon because the LeadCamp will helding next saturday.

After finish the meeting, i went to find teacher again.I wait teacher until 2.45 then baru can go eat my lunch.And then, i have to cancel my date today ( went to watch movie ) and tommorrow date ( go Sunway Pyramid ) for doing something for my society.After that we having a little meeting in Canteen and then baru can go home.But before went home, i go for have a little meeting with Fei Wen too (sidang) then i baru can went home.

I went home around 4.30p.m and sleep until 8.00++ then i baru bath eat dinner.After that i sit in front of the computer and started my work.

I done all until 12.15++ and my father ask me go sleep.Then i shut down the computer and go to the living room to done my other work.I analysis all my work and all my problem/ question and do the design for the LeadCamp then i went to sleep around 2.30a.m .