Monday, January 31, 2005

Clean up SPBT room

today..we clean up SPBT room,there are 11 people on duty but just have 10 people do thing,another 1 person is just take picture.
erm...i'm a bit angry with those form4 on duty person..they didn't so many thing but always say tired..need rest...don't want do..something like that...
there are only 3 form3 students on duty...the only person who i want to praise is Law Kean Sear.He do a lot of thing.I think he is better than many form 4 student.He is a quite good person.Other than that nobody that i can praise...only can scold...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Birthday Party is my so happy..go where also so lucky..^^
-go take fast come...
-can eat kfc with other^^
-can have a party with someperson who seldom go out with me^^
-can go out with somebody
-can go out with dd
-go home then play computer computer screen got red colour^^
-maplestory up liao 1 lv^^

see me so lucky^^
and i get a lot of present also..
i get those present:
-a clothes
-2 note book
-many cards...
-some greet..
-and other ^^

this is my first time to have a birthday party with other^^

Friday, January 21, 2005


At morning,i wake up around 8.00 and go to school straigthly after i prepare all.When i reach there,i'm still the first person who reach the place first.I found that most of the people who go to Aik Meng's house like to late.KimHui is a person who 'menepati masa' .He is the only person who didn't late.After he reach,then AikMeng and XiaoYing come soon,they are also not late,but still late a few minute.This isn't important.

When we go to eat breakfast at 'HuaYun',i found that somebody isn't 'menepati janji' cause he tell someone who go to AikMeng's house, he will go but he is still sleeping and didn't come.I realy feel disappointed to him.If really don't want to come then just say don't want to come,i hate the one who tidak 'menepati janji'.

When we are working(drawing banner),i found that, drawing the banner isn't need too many people,then why should too many people go?the one who nothing to do is just wastig their time at there,just like KianMeng and KimHui,they are just sit there and cannot find anything to do.I'm so sorry because call KimHui go.But today we are just draw the banner and didn't finish draw it.We haven colour it yet.I think if colour need so many people so faster finish it,but tommorrow i need to do my homework,so i cannot go and help them,i'm so sorry about that.

After draw the banner,we go for lunch.I call my brother go out and eat with us.After having our lunch,Kimhui and KianMeng go home first,then we go to shopping at a supermarket.I found a chocolate that hui chi tell me she like to eat,then i buy one for her.Don't think so many,cause i just wanna to oppologise to her.Thank god because hui chi forgive me.

After shopping then KokLim and XiaoYing go home and ShiYun and AikMeng don't known go where.Me and my brother go to buy something then go to my brother's house.I saw Da Jun sleeping when i go and saw my brother's new bag.He is so cute when he was sleeping.I disturd him with a piece or pokemon thing to his nose,but there are no respon on him.He sleep like a pig already.Then i go to grownfloor again.Da xiang and me exchange our e-mail password and he gave me his maple story's id and password.I think i will use it when i'm free,to help him lvling.

Around 5.30,i go out from my brother's house and started walk to AikMeng's house.I wish to help them to continue it,cause i also a member of Student Union and i scare they cannot finish it before Monday.But,it's so unlucky .when i reach his house,i can't see anybody.Then the only thing that i can do is go home.

erm..about other,i think i no need to say here now.cause this is about today one.So, bye!

Friday, January 14, 2005

2nd week after school start

Well,I don't know how to say.This two week are so busy for me.

1st week,i was spend a lot of time to SPBT and only can study at friday.
At 2nd week,luckily i still can study for someday.but i still need to go to student union there to duty.It is too tired for this week.After duty still want to go to tuisyen,I never rest! I need to go to tuisyen for 4 day this week and the only day (Wednesday) i can rest but i still stay at school for duty (student Union).So i can say i back home after 5.00 everyday.

This week,i don't know how to say,i not at the class above half day perday.Not SPBT then is Student Union.So i have a lot of homework that need to copy from my classmate,the homework many until i can't sleep early everyday.What was teacher teach i also don't know,All my knowladge only can come from my tuisyen.sigh.I'm so pity.

Yesterday,was the last day of talking with Chee Chin Wei and Cheng Ling Fan.The reason of why i stop talking with them was because of Cheng Ling Fan.He warn me that don't talk to Chee Chin Wei.Before that ,i don't know the reason.But after that,when i know the answer,i still talking with Chee Chin Wei.I found that Cheng Ling Fan aren't so happy when he know i talk with Cheng Ling Fan.So i decide to stop talking with Chee Chin Wei because of the reason to give Cheng Ling Fan a small lesson.Before i stop talking with Chee Chin Wei,i have told him i will stop talking with him after today.Wish him will know the reason of why i stop talking with him and forgive my action.Well,just now he had told me no need too serious with Cheng Ling Fan.Well,he also serious with me too.I need to tell Jacky something at here,"I also have a serious face.." and also to Cheng Ling Fan,"nobody who like serious person if he are too serious to something that no need too serious" Wish them will get the message that i said.I want to repeat one time,this is just a lesson,not the true.I will continue to borther Jacky but not to Cheng Ling Fan as he didn't get my message.

Today,i heard a good news,Student Union( my society that give me feel that the member aren't discipline) the pihak atasan have change a lot,they start pay attention on discipline,i like it.

Today,our school was held an activity(Oriendtasi Day),Many Clubs and society invite the student of my school to join their society,so as my society(Student Union,KeyClub,Chinese Language Society,English Language Society).I go for duty for Student Union.I have invited many member into our society and I have joined a lot of society too,I have joined Kelab kewangan and Science Society and now i have eight society now.That is Student Union,SPBT,KeyClub,Chinese Language Society,English Language Society,Kelab Kewangan,Sciece Society and Sidang Rediaksi Majalah.I scare i will busy with my society until i can't focus my academy,so i will out some society.The society that i maybe will out is English Language Society and Chinese Language Society since i aren't so active in these society and never go to their activity.

By the way,I have decide to go to 'jing xuan' the student union's president chair and reject the SPBT president chair when AGM.For the main reason,I want to fight with somebody and don't let him easily get the president chair as i dislike him(well,i admit i'm a emotion person).Well,i have an idea for SPBT there.Firstly,i will suggest somebody to be the president of SPBT.That person should be very clear about what was SPBT done and what will SPBT done soon.Well,i wont leave SPBT first because i scare the new president will don't clear about what he should do soon and i need to pass up all the president thing to him.Well,i still don't have any suggestion person in my opinion.Chan Huan Yong,he is my bestfriend,but i think he isn't clear what was SPBT have done,so i can't give the place to him.About other pihak atasan for SPBT,i think they maybe will be the next president for other society or wish to be.So,maybe they wont accept my idea.For other SPBT member,i still can't comfirm who is the best suggestion for me.So,I will think later or let other people to think about it.Well,if i really done what i said up here,i'm sure some people (student or member) will dislike me soon,cause i suddenly reject the place and trying to win for the student union president chair.

Well,Student Union is the first society that i join and is the society that i most like.But at 2004/2005 year,the pihak atasan can't control the disiplin of its member.So that i feel dissappointed on it and cancel the feeling to 'jing xuan' the president chair.But what was happened today make me feel that this society still have a hope and change all my mind.So that i wish to back to Student Union and reject the SPBT president chair.

For the rejection to SPBT president chair and decide to 'jing xuan',this is because due reason:-
~Chong Wai Liang told me,actually i'm not the bakal president but is Tang Jun Hoe.The reason that they choose me is because i everytime also go to their activity and Tang Jun Hoe is the bakal president of Kelab Seni so that he can't do the another society's president if not he will be very busy.I don't like to be Substitute person for other people.
~Before this i'm still confuse that should i be the SPBT president or be the Student Union Timbalan Preisdent.Because as i known,our school Cocurikulum Teacher ,Pn.Law isn't allow student to do more about two society's president.So i don't know if i be the SPBT president,i still can go to 'jing xuan' or not.Cause if jing xuan,i scare they don't allow me to 'jing xuan' as i was the president of other society.
~My family aren't so take care about SPBT.My sister said,"SPBT only mar,you do the Student Union president baru geng.SPBT no use one."They want me to go to 'jing xuan' Student Union president chair because i have spend a lot of time for Student Union and I have joined Student Union since i study at Chong Hwa.
~i dislike somebody that just want to get the power of president and wont take care about the discipline since he isn't a good example for other member but is a bad example.I scare he will make Student Union become the worst society in school and is the worst discipline society.Student Union is the best society since i joined until 2004.But After 2004 until yesterday,above 70% member aren't discipline.Wish after today they will be more discipline.

Before this,i told all my friends,"I already become SPBT president,i don't want to go to 'jing xuan' liao,the Student Union now is become worse.I stay at SPBT enough liao."But now i have change my mind.Hope all people will accept my mind and forgive what will i done later.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Year 2005 1st post

erm.long time didn't post anything at my blog.I pass my December holiday with maple story( a type of online game ).

After School Open,i found that my classroom is 4S3.actually i want to study at 4S3 because it is at front and got 4S2 and 4S1 accompany 4S3.But many of my friend study at 4S4 and's pity..cause i can't find them easily.but after assembly,Pn.Soong tell student 4S1 will be change classroom with 3U so now only 4s2 accompany us.It's so sad,but at least still have a class accompany us.

Since School Open until thrusday,i didn't go to my classroom to study because i have to go to duty for SPBT for whole days.I also forget which day,our president tell us,i maybe will be the next president for SPBT,and other AJK also will be the pihak atasan for this year.I don't know what is the my feeling at that time,cause i never think i will be the next president before this.I'm confuse either i accept it of reject it.Before this,i have plan to be 'timbalan' president of student union because of student union's disiplin is bad.But now i accept it,because i found that many student want to be president of student union,and some of them is full-confidence.So,maybe i will continue my mind to be 'timbalan' president of student union because of my sister support and my brother's support.I start to take the president's job since thrusday.I found that many of SPBT's member aren't so coperate with me,they always said,'i want to study,i want back class',or sit at there and talking with other.But luckily still have some member still coperate with me.I'm unhappy with those member who didn't coperate with me,because in my opinion,they aren't only a member of SPBT,but they also is president of SPBT,we are same.President Chair aren't so easy to sit.At Friday,i SPBT member no need to duty,same as me.But i'm quite busy to sending the 'rayuan' forms to my friend and count the books.It make me lost some time for recess time and lesson.I'm still care about the books that i count either it correct or not,because i'm running out of the time when i'm counting the books and i maybe will count wrong,i should count it carefully but i didn't.I'm so sad about my attitude at that time.

Since i duty for SPBT for whole days,i can't stay at classrrom and study.So i need to borrow my friend's book to copy and i need to go to tuisyen if i don't want my academy become worse.I decide tuisyen at SURIA since next monday,wish i can learn something from there.

Today,i didn't do any homework at home,i only play maple story and check about the new diceforum.About the diceforum,I like it's template.

I will be seldom online recently because i'm quite busy recently .Maybe I will online a few time each week only.Wish you all will forgive me about that.