Monday, April 19, 2010

hoho.. back to blogger?

It was a long time since my last post before the second semester start.. Urm.. Once i enter second semester, my schedule seem fully filled and don't have much time to spend online or even blogger nor facebook.. So and then, no more post available after second semester start.. hoho..

I'm currently located at KL as my final test was just finished.. It should be a happy and enjoyable holiday for me.. however, I was tasked to finished many responsibility.. have to attend for many meetings or camp that available during this holiday.. urm.. I should ask myself.. can I handle it nicely? I wonder I could.. Chinese representative association and UMT DS was almost fullfill my holiday schedules.. I have to finish up a video, set for the hotline that will available soon, analyse all the datas that seniors passed to me, get ready with the later chinese representative association junior welcome activities.. etc.. haiz.. felt busy, but I still able to live happily at most of the time.. just.. I felt.. I will spend many money at this holiday.. haiz..

Many of my form 6 friends will finished their holiday at the end of April or the beginning of May.. So, hopefully I could finish all proposal and at least could make a better draft for this moment.. Hopefully I could.. could get some times to spend with some friends who was lost contact for a long time.. God Bless.. I could! I can.. wakakakaka..