Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My History of December 2008

Well, I had planned to blog something regarding my lifestyle after I finished my STPM.. but unfortunately, I could not get a time to do so.. So and then, I blogged it quite a moment after i finished my STPM examination.. Below are my schedules for December 2008:
1-3 Dec : I was on my STPM examination, quite a happy days as there are only objective papers left.
3 Dec : I went for a dinner with my classmates. It was fun and almost whole class attend the gathering. However, some of them did not show up themselves that night. That night, some of my classmates were not so happy as some of my classmates were late. They caused the whole plan delayed and so, all of us have to went home lately. But well, Look Out Point, It was the first time that I went to. I felt It had a great environments for gathering and for couples. The environment at NIGHT was great (I'm not sure sure about day time. I don't think day time will be a better time to go) Anyhow, I think it may be the last gathering that have the most classmates attend the gathering for U6B.
4-7 Dec : I went for a Camp that held by UKM at Melaka. The Camp was actually held from 5-7 Dec but we have to go earlier as those faci have to go earlier to settle the venue ( we went with them together ) This is actually a camp which giving us the information about the Local Universities. I went the camp last year. The person in charge has asked me whether I wanna to go again as some of the programme will be repeated again in the camp. But I will still going, as what my friend told me, we will have more days to be together, why don't us? I agree with him, and this had be one of the reason why I went the camp again. It is for sure it is not the main reason why I go again. I will need to update the information about the local U as I will need to choose the couses and Universities in the coming March, as my STPM result will be out. So and then, I did not regret to go again, as I felt the camp was even nicer than what I had went last year. Many information had fresh me up and I knew quite a number of new friends there. Well, Honestly, I felt bore when SOME of the programme is repeated. But then, I still felt it's worth as it's just little paid, largely gains.
8 Dec : This was one of the days that I stay along at home and play for my computer games. It could be a break for my long term schedule in December 2008.
9 Dec : I went for a K-box with A Mok,Cheh Boon and EE, It is quite fun as most of the songs was those that I familiar with. All of us have a cantonese background and we sang quite many cantonese songs there. Well, Chinese songs are included too. That's not pure cantonese songs.
10 Dec : It was another U6B gathering. But then, there are lesser person who attend (But it is still quite a number there) We went for a movie at Pavilion. Well, at the same day, our neighbour class, Physic Class was having their class trip too (If i'm not mistaken). They went for Sunway Lagoon. Unfortunately, most of us couldn't felt the movie was nice. (I've forgot what movie is it..)
11 Dec: What a forgotten date. I dated with kok seng for a tea at night. But unfortunately, the tea couldn't be. But then, I've forgot that who did i dated. But for sure, I was not at home that day. I went for with a/some of my friends..
12 Dec : I went for an education fair with some of my classmates. It was funny. Felt curious about it? Yea. That's it. The education fair was began on the next day. So, we went for nothing. We just hang around The Mall which located nearby PWTC and have a lunch there. I've wrote a blog for the story at the previous post. Am I? Yea, that is. If you are interest in, please do review about it at What Funny Day
13 Dec : EE and JuShua had went to my house for a chat. It was great and I have found out some of My friends personal issues. Afterward, we went for a concert that held be TV7. I had forgot what's the venue but i'm sure that It was nearby a LRT Station. I worry that I couldn't get home as It was quite late when we decide to back. Luckily Lei Kim's Brother is able to fetch me home.Hehe.Quick a good try in a concert. Lei Kim and Cheh Boon was not really bet that 3 of us will join the concert but we do. Oh ya, I nearly forgot an important thing. I met Yvonne Yong at the concert too. She came with one of our ex-schoolmate. It was so enjoyable as It may be the only few times that I went for a concert. The last concert that I went, I think was held at Law yet.. That's an open concert of MayDay, when I was standard 6.
14 Dec : I went for an education fair which located at PWTC with Haw Jiun (that's the fair which haven began that I went with other) Most of the U there are private U. I met Kah Shih there. So suprise is it? I didn't even expect I will meet anyone of my friends at there. Well, there were lucky draw that day. Fortunately, I was been choosen for the first prize ( I have been noticed at the end of December, and I can't believe that I was so lucky at the moment). The First Prize for the lucky draw was a set of hp Desktop. And I will go for the presentation ceremony on 6th January. Well, that was just a simple presentation ceremoney with few winners and presenter.
15 Dec : JuShua, my ex-monitor came to my house for some little chatting. Actually, EE should be presenting too. However, he was missunderstood the place to meet with JuShua, so and then, JuShua and I went go Wangsamaju during evening for meeting him up for a dinner and to ensure the location for our class 5S3 Gathering.
16 Dec : Some of my classmates viz JJ,EE,Foo,Mun was came to my house for a little discusion about the Local U courses. We exchanged our opinions and comments so do checking for the information on net. Well, it wasn't a great discussion as most of us yet prepared well with the informations. We talk about some gossips and so on at my house. Afterward, we went for lunch at Mc Donald which located nearby my house. JJ noticed that he had left off his mousepad that he request me to get for him ( The Wold Of Warcraft : Wrath of The Lich King mouse pad) So and then, they head toward my house for getting the mousepad and went home afterward.
17 Dec : That's was 5S3 gathering date, and also is my friend, Mr. Chan's birthday. I went for movie with my classmates at the afternoon and for the gatheirng at night. That was a great gathering that i even for 5S3 gathering as some of them who were some friends which never show up themselve before. Susan, was a woman which changed a lot if compare with what i knew about her at lower form. She changed to be active, and attractive. i wonder is it her U lifestyle had successfully activate her or she was bathed in the love river. Quite a big change, man. I still remember what she told me during the MUET May 2008 examination. She went to our school for the examination. Once I met her, she told me immediately, "Toh Wai, Please do not stand near me. I'm already a mature woman." It had been quite a sweet memory that she gave me. I felt funny when I refresh about it. Well, Another cute girl which show up herself for the first time was our Miss Lee Pui Teng. She had decline us for few times for the previous gathering as her best friend, Miss Ang didnt show up too. She worry that she will feel boring during the gathering. But for sure, these did not happen for this time. We have a talkative and hyperactive guy there, Mr. Yew. He will ensure all of us getting a sweet memory for everytime. So do other, most of us have a great interaction and conversation with those who doesn't know well about each other. Well, I felt happy when getting some praises from some of my friends. They told me that was the greatest gathering that they even had before. For those who join firstly, would be likely to join for another gathering at the future. Some had also knew more about other in the gathering. Well, the happiest I think should be Mr. Chan, as that's his Birthday Party too. He received a lovely present from us. Well, I bet he is not good in expressing his emotion, isn't him? His smile is quite weird that night. haha. (I'm not the only one who think so, man ). After the gathering, another gathering soon began. Some of us went for a tea afterward. It was quite nice but it's too late. My mom was keep the door for me that night. And I back lately, I felt guilty to my mom. So and then, I'll need to bring housekey next time.
18 Dec : It was a simple day. 4 of U6B's male student was present at the gamble table of Mr. Pee. We noticed that Mr. Pee house have a great view for our lovely country's capital, Kuala Lumpur. These had caused us to have our countdown party at his house on the last day of 2008. Mr. JJ had his first mahjong games in Mr. Pee house. Well, he is quite intellligent, he soon knew the skill of playing mahjong. But unfortunately, it doesn't last longer. After a few days, he was forgot how the game is.
19-20 Dec : I went for a birthday trip of Mr. Lim. It was quite excited as I met sisters of my friends there. They will enjoyed their one-day-trip at Genting too. Well, It may be quite a long time I didn't contact and meet Mr. A Teh. He didn't changed a lot. But it was excited when I get to know that his holiday had last quite early and he was doing nothing in the long holiday! Quite wasted, that's what can I said. Well, that's quite a cool memory as the game at Genting was nice. i had tooken quite a number of picture up there.
21 Dec : I went for a earlier Christmas Party of my friend. I met many friends that I didn't really recognize their name there. That's Sheng Ming, Wen Hao, Ling Jie and so on. Most of them are from 5E3. So and then, I was lacking of topic with them, as some of them were planning for another gathering for their own class. I still remember what the girls asked me, " Why you changed a lot? You are quite talkative before, don't you?" I don't know what response that I should gave them. I knew the girls that present more than the boys. Oh ya, I had nearly forgot a funny thing. We need to exchange present for Christmas that day. 3 of the boys prepared the same present with familiar wapper paper. haha. Well, most of the presenter get to know what is that, and hope not to getting their present. I don't know I should be fortunate or unfortunate. I get a CD that prepared by one of the boys. The CD is.. Doremon.. haha.. I felt that it is okie as my house were still having a baby there. He can watch the Doremon. However, the CD was suck! It can only display until half. but the back part of the movie cannot move on. What can I said is, that's not the prob of the boy, but it is the CD's problem. Yet, I couldn't blame on any side.
22 Dec : I went to Sunway Lagoon with EE, JuShua and Boon. Firstly, I was quite unhappy when I heard Boon said she is actually not planned to play water park with us. She just wanna to have her own fun at the land park. But, Well.. She joined us for the water park at last. Hehe. It was quite fun also, as I like water very much. I enjoy swimming there. But unfortunately, I felt my swimming skill had been weaken a lot. I can't even swim well at the moment. May I still not suit myself without wearing the swimming google? Hopefully yes. So and then, I will need to practise more on my swimming.
23 dec : I went for a Christmas gathering with my classmates. We went for Greenbox for a sing. But it was not as fun as I went earlier. It is because, there are too much of different kind of person there. Malay, Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, English... Oh my.. many kind of language songs appear on the screen. For every moment, there are some person who not really interest for the songs. In addition, some of my friends went for interviews before they came. They came quite lately, but it's unfair that they have to pay for the bill too. But, I will hav no choice to take money from them as I had booked for them. If they didnt pay for that, then who is going to pay for that? I felt guilty to all of them as I couldn't do well and make all of them to be happy or at least, not to be unhappy at every moment we were together. After having a sing there, we went for a bowling game. I didn't join my friends for the game, as I wearing slipper ( for those who wearing slipper, they will need to pay for the stocking) well, i'm not the only one who didn't join, some of them also didn;t join for the game, as they are having the same situation with me. hehe. Urm, that day, there was a heartbreakening thing happen. Victor had lost his wallet. His IC, his credit cards etc was lost at just a moment. We cant really get to know who is the thief! we asked for the CCTV from the security, but they told us, " Sorry, we failed to get who is the thief." what a... we expect one of the guy who sit near us is the thief, but we couldn't get the evidence. But what for? even we get the evidence, it can't gave us any help of the problems. Soon, we call for helps, parents, brothers.. called. and finally the problem solved. Victor have to head to find his brother and settle all the problems that occurred at the moment. He leaved us. When we are head off to titiwangsa Monorail Station, we decided to join Hor Yan for a Christmas Party at her church's friends house. It is.. quite.. a normal gathering for the Christian. I bet some of you may know what the normal gathering do here mean. We sang for some songs that praising Jesus, having dinner buffet together, and hear for the Christian Newbie's story as why they join Christian recently. What's they effort etc. We stay for a gossip after the party finished and went home.
24 Dec : I had decline invitation from MingHong to his house for a BBQ Party because I have my day with my family. I not really went to where already. If I'm not mistaken, we having a steamboat party at home.
25 Dec : I dated with my best friend, Mr. Hong to a shopping that day.
26 Dec : I went to Sunway Pyramid with my Friends. Most of them were skatting for their first time. However, most of them can handle the situation very well. Better than what I were for the first time. Well, unfortunately, most of them felt tire at a very short time as they complaint for the injuring of their legs.So, we end up quite earlier as compared to what i went before and go for dinner at pizza hut.
27 Dec : I went for gathering with Sze Qian them. Have a lunch them with at Home Cafe. And play some games with them.
28 Dec : I went back to my hometown for cleaning the house. Afterward, went for shopping at Klang Bukit Tinggi Jusco, having my first fish foot spa. It's quite fun, but it is expensive too. Many of my friends said Fish Foot Spa was not so hygiene. Well, I also knew about it's benefits and it's cons. I read it in newspaper before. However, everything have to try once, is it? But I still felt it is quite fun but I don't felt my foot became better after that.
29 Dec : U6B have a little gathering at Mc Donald at Jln Pahang. Have a great chat with them, after having our lunch at Mc Donald, then we head toward chi cheong gai and shopping at there. Visited Popular shop that going to switch to other place.
30 Dec : Another day of staying at home, playing World Of Warcraft all along the day. haha. It were the 2nd free days in December 2008.
31 Dec : I was having my dinner with my friends at wangsamaju, gossip around the mamak restaurant, then head toward Mr. Pee's house for countdown Party. It was great as what i had told you earlier. His house's view is very nice. So, if possible, next countdown party for 2009 will be held at his house too. Haha, If i'm staying at KL with my friend at that moment. hehe..

That's all my schedules for my December 2008. Quite nice and wonderful, is it? I felt that it's worth as I spend my days and nights with my friends as there may be not many chances to do so anymore in the future. Most of us will head to different state / University / country for further our studies / working lifestyle. So, it might be harder to match the free time of all of us. Anyhow, I should save my money for my future usages especially for entering local University in the coming June. My Seniors had told me to get ready for the Universities and courses decision. So, I'll need to pay more attention on my research for the courses right now. If you failed to plan, you planned to fail.. I don't want to regret in the future, better prepare right now. Wish all the best for myself ya. ^^Good Luck!

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Shift Happen..

Well, I was just found a nice .. thing to share.. try to look about it..

It had told me about the reality about the speed of the changes of the world.. Haiz..