Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diseases Prevention at UMT

[Warga.pelajar] Penyakit Berjangkit(bawaan air) yang Merbahaya semasa Banjir

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada saudara saudari pelajar UMT

Sukacita diharap agar semua warga berada dalam keadaan sihat sejahtera,

Di sini ingin saya menarik perhatian semua agar mengambil langkah-langkah
pencegahan untuk menjaga kesihatan diri dan keluarga terutamanya semasa
banjir. Terdapat penyakit yang merebak melalui air yang tidak bersih atau
tercemar, makanan yang tidak dimasak dengan betul seperti Taun(cholera),
Demam Tifoid, keracunan makanan dan sebagainya.

Di antara tanda-tanda penyakit berjangkit(bawaan air) yang merbahaya
semasa musim banjir ialah seperti berikut :

i) Cirit yang akut dan berlarutan boleh mengakibatkan dehidrasi
ii) muntah berterusan
iii) Demam
iv) kejang otot dan cramp
v) rasa dahaga, kulit kering, lidah kering disebabkan oleh kurang air

Sekiranya terdapat tanda-tanda seperti di atas, segeralah berjumpa Doktor
untuk mendapatkan rawatan.

Di antara langkah pencegahan untuk penyakit ini ialah :

i) Minum air yang di masak ( elakkan air telaga walaupun di masak)
ii)Makan makanan yang baru di masak dengan betul
iii) Guna air yang bersih untuk membasuh sayur, buah-buahan dan alatan memasak
iv) Basuh tangan dengan sabun dan air bersih selepas menggunakan bilik air, sebelum makan dan semasa menyediakan makanan
v) Tutup makanan dari lalat, serangga dan tikus
vi) Pilih kedai makan yang bersih ketika makan di kedai makan
vii) Bersih sekeliling rumah dan lupus sampah di tempat yang sesuai
viii)Guna toilet yang sesuai
ix) Jangan mandi air sungai dan air banjir
iix) Elakkan minum minuman berais( ais dari kilang)

Sama-samalah kita menjaga kesihatan diri, keluarga dan rakan kita. Jika
terdapat sebarang pertanyaan, bolehlah berhubung dengan Doktor di Pusat
Kesihatan Universiti.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Dr. Arnie Binti A.Rahim
Pusat Kesihatan Universiti
Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Urm.. Luckily I'm not at UMT right now. If not, I really have no idea what to eat while at there. Wonder UMT is having flood or not. haiz, hopefully not to happen. Good Luck to all Terengganu's people and do god bless you especially my friends who still staying at UMT.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Yu Hu~~ End of Final Test for 1st sem..

Yu Hu~.. I was just end up my first semester in UMT.. my final was just gone.. kakaka..
I'm now currently waiting for 11th November.. after that, I'll be back KL.. hoho.. then enjoy my great holidays with my friends.. Urm.. recently i'll enjoy some computer games and some movies in my room.. and also enjoy last few days in UMT... go some place that I never or seldom go and play.. eat something that I seldom eat.. hoho.. as I was busy with my assignments and studies before test.. hoho.. bye, UMT..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another bad luck day in UMT..

What a bad luck I was today. My room mate was told me he lost his umbrella. He put the umbrella just in my house's living room in order to evaporate the water above it.However, just in few hour time, the umbrella disappear and he was decided to buy a new umbrella in evening during lunch..
In a late night, just half hour before my posting, I noticed my bottle and 'TOP' detergent was lost! I went to a meeting at 9pm and end up around 10pm. when I went back room, my housemate, eik ee said he left my bottle in his bicycle's and then, I went down to search for his bicycle and I found nothing. I request him to search for me, he could get his bicycle but my bottle was lost! What the.. when I wanna back room, when in a second before upstair. I noticed the clothe that i put for the dobby... .. .. my detergent lost! search around, but still couldn't get it. What the.. nothing to say.. still quite unhappy as something lost even it may not so valuable.. haiz.. terrible dicipline! this is what I could say.. such cheap thing also wanna to steal, I doubt for these graduaters, how could them be after entering society.. Is our people really poor till that? DEB.. may could continue then.. Zzz..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Beginning of Exam Season

My Exam Paper Slip
My Exam Season was began today. And My first test was Biochemistry which seniors classified as the hardest subject in first semester. However, I felt it was quite okie and not as hard as what seniors said. It may due to my high confident toward myself. I hope I could get a better results as what my target be. I hope that all of my subject could get A or at least B+. However, my next subject was strongly weaken my aim. As what I knew, many of my friends already get their results of their second test. However, I was failed to find Dr. Amir, and so I couldn't get my paper back yet. I heard the highest is only 38/50. I wonder I could get more than 30 or not as I knew I did badly in this test. I was not fully prepared and even not so understand in certain parts. I felt many of my friends couldn't answer a part that it was actually not came from the notes. The questions is asking about the function or certain vitamin. Well, I think I also couldn't answer it well. As I also dunno the answer. Urm.. Hopefully I can get good result in the second test.. Because I felt the final test would be harder. I might not score in the final test as the lecturer was told that he will mark strictly for the final test. Hoho.. Tomorrow gonna to find him.. to got back my second test paper and ask for suggestion on books.. Urm.. gonna to prepare my "Introduction to food science" lo.. so see ya.. hope all the best for those who having exams.. Good Luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrible DengSheng

It is a terrible society that I first met in UMT.. DengSheng is a society that under 'Hua Xie' in UMT but is a sub-society that under QuanSheng. My friends and I was decided to join this society since we felt QuanSheng would help other Juniors. However, the internal system of DengSheng is very bad. Almost all sub-society in 'HuaXie' created a lot of activities for their members and had invited a lot of juniors to join them.. however, DengSheng was never create any activity for any junior member after the 'kexijieshao' (an activity that held in super early during the sem)... I asked a lot of friends, and I noticed many of first year student would like to join DengSheng for a long time.. However, all of them dunno any news/activities about dengsheng.. so they thought this society was no longer exist or available for juniors to join..
Just at few weeks ago, I knew a girl who named Linda and she got news from her senior about quansheng. And then I knew that this society is actually still got some activity.. but they never invite juniors to join.. After I knew Linda for quite a time, I was joined an acitivity that called 'xiao xian'.. it is actually is an activity that focus on secondary school.. and now I knew.. the society is still working.. The invitation was firstly sent to some juniors.. However, but was at the last minutes.. 6pm activity can invite other to join at 2pm.. Zzz.. Other society such as buddhist club also sent few messages in order to remind and invite other to join their activity.. haiz.. seniors still said they are not enough ppl and hope other to join.. but.. such systems with no activities and seldom inviting juniors to join.. then how can larger society's member? I think DengSheng should learn from other society..
Currently, they was planned to have few activities such as 'xiao xian' and gathering.. But the activity was been postponed and I wonder it will still exist or not.. the gathering was planned to have on 16th Oct, but without any news or informing, the gathering was postpone to 18thth Oct ( I get this news from friend). Today was 18th Oct. I wonder the activity is still held or not (Yesterday I asked a DengSheng Senior but she said haven get the confirmation from seniors, so not sure) . Linda is having her bidong trip, and I'm holding the responsible to inform my friends about today activity. I was sent a message to a senior to ask whether the activity is still on tonight or not. But still haven get the reply yet. Is him ignore my message or waiting for the confirmation then only reply to me? If until afternoon still couldn't get any reply from any DengSheng member, I will send a message to tell my friends that the activity is not confirmed yet-so dunno still exist or not.
Haiz.. It was suffer to get a gang of friends who really got heart to make deng sheng to be better.. But with this system, how can we do it? we planned a lot of activity to held.. if without cooperation of seniors.. can our activities will still on? can the society be better? without having any activities, for sure this gang of hearten juniors will left.. the hope that strengthen this society will break off.. And I will decide to leave too.. As I hate something disappoint me to happen repeatedly.. I dislike the feeling of sad.. and guilty toward my friends will input to my heart too.. haiz..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Test 2 is over!!!

It was easy but hard.. it was restless but enjoyed.. It was stress but fun.. It was un-fully prepared but still able to finish up.. my second tests was just over!!! However, my final test is coming soon in just a week of time.. my first test will begin in coming 25th October.. and will end up at 8 Nov.. Hopefully I can finish up all assignments and homework and begin my journey to final test as soon as possible.. now still rushing for computer assignments.. urm.. my last assignment = Window Movie Maker.. but I learned it before and was used to create few video for my form six class before too.. Now I was tasked for a 3-5 minutes video for untitled and 3-5 minutes video for my campus lifestyle.. hopefully my group mates could give me fully support on doing all these stuff.. hopefully... Wanna to finish as soon as possible la.. not so likely to postpone all jobs.. ><>

Monday, October 12, 2009

A bad-luck day..

In the early morning, I woke up for my breakfast and ready to have class.. After that, I was .. skipped the physical chemistry class? I stay at the hostel until 12pm.. then I only embark for my lunch.. Once I came down from my hostel ( my room was located at fifth floor ), I biked my bicycle to ASTAKA just to meet my friend to have lunch together.. Unfortunately, I noticed that my bicycle's tyer was broken.. the back-tyer was mess-up extremely.. Oh my god.. then never mind, I pushed my bicycle to ASTAKA to put over there for fixing at evening..
I reached chinese restaurant as usual.. pick certain dish and ready to pay.. I noticed that.. my waller was gone!! It was not having in my pocket.. I think think think.. I felt I was left my wallet in room.. It's okie.. luckily my friends was there.. I go to them, and borrow money from them.. Oh my.. how pity am I..
Ok.. after having lunch, it's time to go for Organic Chemistry class.. I step in the class as usual.. and wait for the lecturer to come.. Oh? wait wait wait.. at nearly 1pm, some student said the lecturer was cancelled off the class.. so do the next day.. Oh my god.. then why I still need to walk for a long way to wait? haiz.. never mind.. I cooled down myself.. After that, I was playing and joking and enjoying my time in the lecture hall.. after that.. was my computer lab.. as what you knew.. I was talkative.. so, I might be easy to be thirsty.. when I wanna to get my bottle.. I noticed my bottle was lost.. It was not in my bag.. how come.. I think I was left it in room ba.. then after computer lab, we planned to have dinner together before go for the indian's activity.. On the way, I noticed my umbrella was broken!!! How terrible am I.. haiz.. then I back my room to put my things down and take my wallet.. I noticed that my bottle was not in my room.. then i think should be at my bicycle.. I go for my bicycle.. but.. unfortunately It was not appear there.. haiz.. I lost my bottle.. then never mind lor.. I cool down myself..
After dinner, we gather at the gate and ready to go to the Indian's activity together.. my best friend, Shermond came and told me.. the camera that he left in my room was mess-up.. the lens couldn't reenter the camera.. Oh my.. why everything related to me was terrible today!!!
We reach dataran canselori.. and started the activity.. we worked hard for that.. however, the weather couldn't allowed us to break the record.. around 8pm+, the rain fall down.. and it was began to be heavier and heavier.. at last.. too heavy until all students that involved stay off from the rain.. Was my luck made this activity fail? haiz.. terrible.. Due to the heavy rain.. I walked back to my room.. and took my bath..
Once I finish my bath.. I get a message from my friend... the coupon was disperse to the students that involved in the activity.. I was in hostel.. then how can i rush back to dataran to get the coupon.. Oh my.. how terrible is it.. Hopefully the next day will be better.. I trust on you!!! Tomorrow will be better..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indians wanna break Malaysia Record but fail..

Today should be an important day for UMT's Indians and students.. It is because all races in UMT was cooperated to break Malaysia Record by.. Indian's Lights.. (should it call like this? hehe.. I also dunno)

The lights are arrange nicely.. I wonder total got how many lights there.. because.. the dataran nearly full with the lights..
See.. I was arranging the lights in order that it look nice.. hoho.. actually i'm not the one who arrange it la.. I couldn't help a lot.. as the place for standing or sitting is limited.. so I can only help some only.. hehe.. but at last I was busy filling oil and putting 'xin' in each light la.. I still got contribution de.. hehe..

all people are rushing to fill the oil and 'xin' for each light.. we must move fast as the weather seem worse.. we worry that the rain will come after..

some of my friends and I who attended the activity

However, it was failed due to the bad weather.. you can see some guyz/galz was rushing to keep the things at the dataran.. many oil was wasted.. the rain had flood it off from dataran..
We was planned to continue no matter how heavy was the rain.. but unfortunately the weather was extremely bad and the organizer was decided to give up.. all participates was ran off from the heavy rain.. the light that been lighted was slowly off one by one.. at last, no lights was survived.. all the fire off.. and many of the students included me was walk back to hostel.. because there was nothing else we can do.. when i was walking back to hostel.. I saw the organizers was cleaning up the candles, lights etc..

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy October.. tata..

what a busy October.. Full of test 2.. full of activities.. full of this .. full of that.. I wonder I could get a free time to relax or not.. coming Friday will be my first test after the short Raya Holiday-- Organic Chemistry.. then will be my computer and biochem and physical chem test.. then still got presentation.. my first presentation.. still got some society activities need to attend and might need to get ready for something else... 9 of October is CoCo day.. Oh my.. haiz.. how can I handle all these? Urm.. wonder how can I do it.. but I have to try on it.. hoho.. if not how can I... how can I.. hoho... survive in the coming few years o? wish me all the best ya.. hehe.. Need to make a better time arrangment.. have to reduce my time for relaxations and entertainments.. my meals also have to rearrange and make it into a better schedule.. hoho.. urm... anyway.. this might be my last post for coming a month.. hoho.. as October until 11 November will be super busy.. hoho.. my exam until 11/11/2009.. hoho.. that's computer test.. have to study all start from begin.. as I dun have the full notes.. haiz.. anyway... wish me good luck la.. hoho.. when I was free.. I will post again de.. hoho..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missed a bus to KT

It was just happened yesterday.. my friends and I was waiting for the bus since 9.00pm++ in the bus station. However, the bus was still haven reach the bus station at around 10.15pm.. I was still standing still to wait for the bus.. Just in a short time, my friend came and tell me a 'joke' : the bus was gone.. I thought he was joking with us.. I doubt about it and went to the counter to ask about it.. Oh My God.. the bus was really went off.. We missed the bus!!!

Immediately after the notification, we was no idea what to do and keep on asking the person in the counter for more information and to know what should and what can we do.. The person felt annoy on our questions.. but the tickets that available on that night was already sold out.. the earliest bus ticket that going to KT which still available is in coming Sunday.. so how? we gonna buy the ticket for Sunday and went home? or we try get
tickets from other counters?

In a brief discussion among us and answering from the bus driver, the bus driver agreed to wait for us at Petronas in Bentong.. after that, we rush out of bus station and head toward taxi station to get a taxi to rush to the Petronas.. Fortunately, yefei's parent haven back yet.. they still able to fetch some of us to the Petronas.. So, we just need to get a taxi but not two taxi..

The taxi open the price with RM150.. we was shocked but have to accept it.. however, while we getting ready to get in the taxi, yefei's father came to the taxi and ask for the lowering of the transport fees.. It was lucky as yefei's father present.. the taxi agreed to reduce the transport fee to Rm120 for a taxi.. we save RM30!!! hoho..

During the way to taxi, we was worried whether the bus driver was waiting us or not.. we keep on call and sms the bus driver but couldn't get his reply.. we went to the petronas doubly and hoping he will wait for us.. with the blesses and lucky, we successfully contacted the driver and get to know tat they are waiting for us..

We chased the bus and get in the bus at around 11.35pm.. while we enter the bus, almost all the passengers was looking on us.. Some of them even say 'hello' and other thing to us.. I wonder if the driver told all the passengers that they are waiting us or not.. haha..

Urm.. it was a great experience to me that I will never wait for
the bus inside the bus station but outside the bus station.. I will notice and hear the announce carefully as we may missed the announce for twice.. ( the person in counter told us they was announce twice that night ) haiz... hopefully the same thing wont happen again as the pay for the experience is quite heavy for me.. haiz..
I thought our bus will look like this.. however, the bus wasn't look like this.. it was painted colorfully and the word 'transnational' was wrote small compared other buses.. the 'transnational' word was paint as small as the dark place just next to the 'transnational' that painted in the picture abovement..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Back to UMT

so fast.. a week passed.. seem quite many thing didn't finish as planned.. urm.. and there was many gathering that held during my holidays.. urm.. quite a sweet memories.. I hope I could spend more days in KL.. with my other friends.. and families.. I felt guilty toward my family as I spend quite less time with them compare to my friends.. Urm.. but anyway.. I love you all.. I'm going back UMT tonight.. but there will be something else that I need to do too.. But I promise you all.. I'll be back.. in the coming November Holiday.. no matter how many activities or camp that i need to attend.. I will get a time to spend with you all.. hope to see you all..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back To KL

Finally, I reached my home.. To take a good rest.. To take a great break.. To Entertain.. To meet.. To feel.. but the most important thing is taking a good rest and break.. because since I back to UMT, I had been rush for the works until the kuliah finish.. Hopefully I could did what i planned to do in the holiday.. however, in just a week of time, could I do it? Hopefully I could.. hehe...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holiday Soon... but..

Holiday is coming soon.. but.. haiz.. so sad.. recently so many assignments, exercises and things need to be settle off.. if not how can i enjoy my holiday nicely le? haiz.. I just noticed, UMT had blocked certian web page.. just like that always allow me to keep in contact with my friends.. haiz... so curious is it? why i need to use meebo instead of window live messenger? haiz.. i also dunno why.. but i always failed to enter window live messenger with my own e-mail.. but with other, yes it do.. is it my account been block or what? but if it do, then how come i still able to chat with my friends and family through meebo etc. ? haiz.. what else the the web page that enable me to keep in contact with my friends with window live messenger? haiz.. can anybody tell me? urm.. unhappy.. long time didn't get my family and friends de news liao.. dunno how are them right now.. but i also not as frequent to online as earlier i step in U.. as there are a lot of assignments that need me to finish it up.. hopefully i could get a formula to handle all these stuff.. and enable me to enjoy my U-lifestyle as happy as I could..
The photo that i caught in my friend's housemate de room door.. haha.. quite funny.. the block is only have man.. how come have woman o.. dun tell me is the auties who help us to clean the dustbin everyday? hoho.. funny malay guyz..

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sea Turtle..

There were a convo pesta held few months ago. There was a small show about the sea organism, such as sea turtle , turtle, jelly fish, sea horse etc. It was my first time to met sea turtle. I heard other said that you are not certified as studied at Terengganu if you had never met sea turtle before, as sea turtle is a famous tourism point that attract tourism. Few week later after that, I have a chance to visit around Kuala Terengganu, and i noticed there are quite a number of stall that can sell sea turtle egg, but most of my friends said that we shouldn't be buying them as sea turtle is going to extinct.. so i did'nt buy it. however, if i was not mistaken, the price for the sea turtle was 5 for RM13, quite expensive and i heard it was not as nice as normal chicken egg, it smell 'xing'.. hoho..
the sea turtles was swimming..

Can you see the sea turtle's eggs? it was in a tin that located just at the right-bottom of the picture. It seem like pingpong ball which in white colour and many of it seem sudah lempik.. haha.. urm.. but i've no chance to touch and hold it.. however, if i wishing to do that, i think that's will be not a prob for me as there are an acitivity that stated that UMT students protect the seaturtle. but, the place for UMT students are limited and have to pay RM150 for few days staying at there.. hoho.. i wonder i have such a chance to do so or not? kakaka..
Jellyfish Gel that available for testing. I tasted and felt it was not as delicious as predicted. the jelly fish is hard to bite.. but the gel seem nice.. haha.. urm.. dunno, maybe it is delicious to other?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

test test & test...

wow... tests flood my mind.. I was finished few test just few days ago, but I was been noticed Organic chemistry test will be held soon... The lecturer said on 18th Sept, but.. how can she do it? as I was gone back to my hometown wot.. haiz.. so terrible is it.. before this, she was told that test will on 11th Sept... It was good news for me but bad for others.. as there will be 3 test held on the same day.. it was stress to everyone.. but for my stand, i hope all the test can be finished asap so that i'll be free of stresses.. haiz.. recently... urm.. felt restless.. hope I could get a free day to get sufficient rest.. hoho.. I am hoping 11th September will come as fast as possible.. the day of freedom began... but.. how's about Organic Chemistry o? wonder can score high or not... Urm.. I was did few mistakes in the previous exam, Biochem, hopefully my marks could cover the small mistakes.. hoho.. urm.. now my aim is.. get to wear the clothe as show below.. hoho.. to get as highest mark as I could in every subject.. wanna to aim for first honor of my class.. yeah! must trust on myself.. hoho.. I can do it , can do it, can do it.. yeah!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Examination season..

Well, I'm currently having examinations recently.. and this might be my first examination that i sat in University.. Hope it would be best for me and could give a hand to me to get first honor.. Do God bless me.. The photo that i post abovement is the photo that i took before having my first test.. It was test for Introduction For Food Sicence that held at KK9 (Komplex Kuliah 9). My room mate told me that I was lucky as the seats was preserve for us. Inversely, they need to arrange the seats for themselve. Anyhow, I was made a lot of mistakes in the test, but hopefully it wouldn't make a big trouble for me. The second test was taken just an hour ago, that's Basic Physical Chemistry. I have confident toward the my second test as I felt the questions was easy, it was just two question and the marks seem given easily, an equation cost 2 marks each.. however, my first test may did badly, as I not so understand what should I learn from the course, none of my coursemate know what should be the question, and most of us had study a lot on it.. well, my next test will on just the next day of National Day.. wonder how is it.. hopefully wont hard.. must study hard..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Restaurant in City?

I went back UMT just few days ago. After cleaning my room, I went to town with my friends in order to input our food storage for fasting month. the first thing that bear in our mind once reached town was get our lunch! we couldn't have time to have our breakfast as most of us are busy cleaning our room. However, when we search for our lunch in giant, we notice..

Pizza hut was empty!!!

KFC's seats were empty too!!
Chicken Rice Shop and Other Restaurant was closed too.

Why all these happened? actually.. all these restaurant were not closed but they just start their business after 3pm.. I think it mostly caused by the fasting month ba. Islam is only able to have their breakfast and dinner and cannot have their drinks/meal all along the day. So, to prevent the wastes, so these restaurant don't open ba.. hoho.. after noticed for this issue, we changed our location to china town and have our lunch there.. wu.. the lunch was delicious.. and cheap.. haha.. but unfortunately i didn't take photo during lunch.. I was enjoying my lunch happily.. kaka.. however, may show you some photos again when I go to the town again..

Sunday, August 23, 2009


There are quite many constructions around my Campus.. So, the air that surround my U is always flood by dust.. My desk will be recover by dust after i clean my desk in just a few hours. It's horrible, man! It also caused water that i boiled containing some sand as precipitation.. lolz.. I think it is caused by the construction that going on just next to our hostel, hopefully it will be done in year..


The Construction which going on next to my hostel.

(view from bus when I going back KL)
(the building that seem like seaturtle is our hall)
Construction that going on just in front of our hostel.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to UMT

Yo.. I had been study at Univerty Malaysia Terengganu for around 2 months.. hoho.. and this is the first day that i blog after my University first intake.. hehe... let show you some photos.. hoho..
The photo that i took during orientation, it's in our Hall, DSM

Kuliah Class

Male's Hostel
Female's Hostel

Friday, June 26, 2009

Going UMT

I'm going to leave KL in few hours time later.. I think I will hav no time to spend on blog.. at least for coming few month as I didn't plan to bring along my laptop to there.. These few days I was busy preparing for the University and PTPTN.. So I didn't have free time to write something in my blog.. However, According to my academic schedule, I should have a week of holiday and I mostly will back to KL on that time.. hoh.. Hope can meet my KL's friends on that time.. hoho.. Good Luck to my friends and families.. and my self.. :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

UMT, I'm Coming

The Result of UMT was out yesterday, I was choosen to be a student of UMT which located at Terengganu.. The course that offer to me is SARJANA MUDA SAINS MAKANAN ( PERKHIDMATAN MAKANAN DAN PEMAKANAN ) which is a 4 years course. Urm.. It is so confusing as I dunno anything of the U at all.. I have to discovry and get ready as I'll need to embark in about a week. I need to register on 28 June 2009 and will stay at it's hostel for a year.. Luckily just a year, but not 4 years. If not, I'm sure that I'll be bore until... you forgot who am I.. As I know, there are lack of entertainments as what I am enjoying in KL right now. There are totally a rural place for KL people but I'm sure there will be a good place to enjoy your study.. Yesterday I was chat with a senior and try to get as many info that I can about the U by using Internet.. And now, i'm get to know something about it.. but.. I'll have to prepare a lot of thing before I could embark.. Hope everything will fine there.. And I think i may not post in the coming 6 months as I might be hard to online in the coming 6 months.. My senior told me we only can access internet at at cafe ( during the time in hostel ). Hostel do not serve wireless service to us. And also.. all malay food.. oh my.. have to suit myself in new environment ya.. half year.. I must trust on myself.. haha.. Anyhow, I still able to on if i'm in cafe.. but it could very hard for me.. as it will be super lag.. ( many people also online wot.. ) half year.. i tahan.. until i get hostel out of the University.. hehe.. then i can enjoy streamx service and back to life of internet.. hoho.. good luck to me.. and you.. hehe..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Island Red Cafe

Few days ago, I went to Island Red Cafe which located nearby Sri Rampai. We didn't really have our dinner right there, but do drank some drinks there. The drinks is still okie, not so delicious and normal for me.. I still remember when we wanna to take leave, the cashier machine is broke down and need us to wait for around half hour ( or more than that? ) just to pay the drinks. They didn't even tell us and just let us to wait at there, until i get a waitress and scold then only know that. what a bad service that i get!

Outlook of the Cafe (seem quite popular because it's full of customers, we couldn't get in to second floor and only able to sit at ground floor)
Interior of the Cafe (seem like OldTown, another famous restaurant)
The next table of us. They seem talking in a large business ( those direct sales ). A guy keep on telling other about the sale, how to earn money, how to disperse the stocks, etc . some of them seem interest but some of them seem bore. lolz.. I'm not listen to them well, but the guy who briefing was talked loudly.. so i'm forcefully have to listen too.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Work for a Day

I work for a day for Canon at Sg. Wang yesterday. It was a bore day. As there are too less customers, nothing much work that I can did. At early morning, There were two colleage that work with me, viz Kit and Leon. However, around an hour later, Leon was back to another booth located at lawyat, Kit was staying with boredem with me all along the day. I caught few photo during the time I fullfilled with boredem. These are cameras that I promote.
The main idea of the fair -- Hello Kitty.
There are a CCTV just above my head, looking around to prevent crime occur. It seems prevent us to do anything that prohibited during work.. But I don't think it can sense what we did below it..
A restaurant that in front of my booth. Keep shouting "Buy 1 Free 1" and "Buy 2 Free 1".. Lelong all along the day.. I'm suffer to stand there as bread as my favourit food, can see but can't taste. Suffer.. man..
I'm Lucky as there were anime showed not far from me. But it was sometimes blocked by Hellow Kitty. So I could not enjoy it well.. However, I couldn't hear the sounds and just can see the anime that keep repeating the same episode.. I just watched at the early time as the repeatable anime was bore to me..
A guy that work next booth that where I am was fallen sleep... but once customer came, he reacted immediately.. lolz.. I think he couldn't notice I caught his photo..
A canon key chain. I felt quite beautiful. But that's not free gift that offer. Just a simple key chain that hold key of the booth.
After suffering for 10 hours, I left booth and went to Pavilion to meet Mr. Yow, Mr Tan and Mr. Sim for going back together. While we were on our way back to Sentul, few guyz carried a female, pass the gate immediately and get in First Aid Room. I wonder what was happened. But that's not good to have such 'show' as audients will only make the thing worse.. So we just pass the ticket gate and go back Sentul and have our dinner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BRJ Egg = Synthetic Egg???

Synthetic Egg..
I always go to BRJ to have dinner or tea time with my friends. However, I read an article regarding the synthetic egg before. After that, everytime when i go to BRJ to have my time with my friends, when i order 'nasi lemak' , i doubt the real of egg that they served for us. Today, i had successfully get the proves with pictures regarding to this matter. So, I think I'll never order BRJ Restaurant's Any orders with eggs. Urm, as my friend, do you still dare to eat? hoho.. decide yourself!!!

Here is the link that i get the picture and info :人造鸡蛋 or
you may try and read it and compare (highly prefer the first link). Maybe I'm wrong? As this is just the conclusion from what i know, maybe not 100% true. If I'm wrong, kindly show me some proof and i will change my mind. Can you? Thank You.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spring Field Town Cafe

I went for a tea yesterday. As usual, there are too less people that willing to have a tea with me. We went to wangsamaju at night and planned to drink some 'tong shui'. However, at around 10pm, all the 'tong shui pou' is closing at time. In the choice of choiceless, we went to the 'new shot lot' at wangsamaju and planned to search for some new restaurant to have our supper. We fortunate as we get to a new cafe that named " Spring Field Town Cafe " that only began their business three months ago.. It was still new, and less customers if compare with other restaurant.. the quietness is it's benefit if compare with other.. This restaurant is considered quite weird as the restaurant holder said.. It's theme is a cartoon.. I forgot what name is the cartoon.. as I doesn't like to watch this anime.. ><>

Outside View Of the Restaurant

Main Theme of Restaurant.. Almost whole restaurant is full of pictures of this anime

Some restaurant's part

Funny Rules that discriminate male!!!
Urm.. while we went to this restaurant.. it's about to close.. so they only able to serve us with the drinks.. the drinks is quite special.. the banana oreo taste good.. hoho.. You can try it when u go there.. kaka..