Sunday, May 31, 2009

USM? Suckz!!!

At night of 29 May 2009, I celebrate my friend, WenZe's birthday at Wangsamaju. We gathered at yuwei house at around 8pm. Once I step in yuwei's house, " TohWai TohWai, faster come and check USM, the list was out!" yuwei told me immediately. I had been informed that I get the offer from USM and get my first choice -- Dietatic.. It was excited.. with my CGPA pointer 3.42, can get dietatic is really super lucky.. The God was blessing me.. After getting the sweet news, I informed all my friends and family who requested me and get a lot of congratulations. While we having our dinner with the birthday girl, One of my classmate, Siew Mei had been informed with sweet news too. She also get the same course as me, with the same CGPA pointer as mine. We decided to accept the offer from USM together at next day afternoon at her house.
At the afternoon of 30 May 2009, I reached SiewMei house, once siewmei click on the 'Sah & Hantar"..

"haraf maaf,dukacita dimaklumkan nama anda tiada dalam senarai berjaya USM...."

Oh my god.. everything is not real.. the Happiness is just last for a day.. Haiz... siew mei and I was so sad and worry.. Don't know what was happened.. Haiz..

A day later, that's today.. 31 May 2009.. the news from USM had spread out.. government know about it.. and everybody know about it... Do you know what's actually happen?

USM said, it is actually Technical Problem.. Siew Mei and I so do other unlucky guyz and galz..  know what's our fate is going on.. we don't get offer from USM.. all of these is just a sweet Dream for us.. Zzz.. what a sad news.. haiz..

USM is so lousy.. still said what APEX University.. haiz.. everybody is scolding them.. so do I.. because I thought I get the course that I want.. haiz.. so sad... at least for few days.. haiz... sad.. sad.. sad..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 2 of Redang Island

Day 2
We woke up quite early in the morning, I think I was woke up at around 5am+, just to wait for the sunrise. The time that we used for waiting was quite long, some of my friend wouldn't wait for it and went back for sleep. I enjoy the time while we waiting for the sunrise. I dunno what feel it should be. Just like.. urm... the sunrise is coming, but is not.. Just as the feeling that we wait for our results.. Firstly, we thought we couldn't see the sunrise as some of the mountains blocked it. However, we were wrong. we can see the sunrise as the mountain do not block it. It is so beautiful. This is the first time that I could see the sunrise from the sea level. It's cool ! The first picture below is the picture that we took before the sunrise. The second is the picture that we took when we saw the sunrise.

After that, we went snockelling for twice and enjoy our time at beach..

All little young men..

Some women and their produces..

This is our class title-- U6B'08. Hoho. It still available until the last day. It seem like U6808, is it? haha. quite many people say so.. ><
The table that we used to have our meals, it seem like a meeting table, isn't it?

Day 3
At the early morning, around 8am, we embarked to the jetty, and began our journey to KL. On the way back to KL, the bus break down. Zzz. spent around an hour to fix, the typer problem.. and we took some photo during the bus stop for repairing. The dolls that we holding is brought by one of my friend's sister. Hoho.. It was really zadao when we noticed she brought her dolls along the trip.. hoho.. Curious what HawJiun doing there? He said he wanna to keep his eye open in the picture.. haha..
This is my whole 3D2N trip for Redang. Quite fun, isn't it? at least it is for me.. ^^

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trip Of Redang Island

I went to Redang Island a month ago, with my friends and my friend's family. a total of 12 person, but unfortunately we decided to go redang Islang quite lately if compare to other. We missed the Matta Fair. So, we have to book a resorts that not so familiar and with a normal price. Haiz.. the price is quite a big different with matta fair. Once we reach Redang Islang, I refresh myself with some words that I get from 麦兜 -- 蓝天白云,水清沙幼.. haha.. the sea water nearby the seaside is totally light blue, the cloud that floating in the sky.. is so white.. not as what we usually see in pennisula.. wow, if possible, i would like to visit once again.. and will try different resort.. hoho..
Day 1
This is the place where we wait for transportation from resort. so that we can go to the jetty. This photo taken from Mc Donald.

Photo that we take together at jetty.

The Resort and the room that we stayed.
Going to snockelling.
At night, we walked along the beach and visit all other resort that redang have.

After that, we went back to our room, and chit chat until late night only sleep.. I remembered that we had talk some story about ghost, caused one of my friend need to change his sleeping place with me. In order to sleep far from window. Haha..Well, There are some photos about second day of Redang Trip.. but i'm lazy right now.. may post next day.. haha..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

U6B 2008 Videos

I had created some videos for my form 6 class, U6B.. here is it... enjoy it ^^..

i felt each part got it own nice but there are many imperfect also.. >< especially the picture quality.. >< haiz..