Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shout Box

I just Create a Shout Box.. but unfortunately I dunno how to adjust it's width.. so I just let the Original be.. haha..

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Back From The Camp..

I was just attended a Sixth Form Cadet Police's Camping on Eco Resort, Bentong few days ago. It was a three days two nights camping. Well, actually this should be a good and enjoyable camp.. but, unfortunately i sick on the second day.. But, because of this, i saw many things that i had never see before.. that's friends.. and how's the ships' structure.. so do the sailor's characteristics..

Ships.. isn't build on a stronghold bases; sailors.. have their own personalities which state that they are living independently, without any others.. that's what I felt.. from what I saw.. I don't know how to describe my feelings.. I have no idea for that.. If i really wanna to split it out here.. I know.. I will break all the weakly-hold ships base.. So I rather not to do so.. As what Chinese phase said, " Once a gov. is in trouble, they will notice that who are actually is their best supporters and loyalties" My head was keeping pain time by time when I was still in the camp.. I wonder I was eaten something else that are not fully-cooked or unhygienic.. or I had eat too less for these few days.. or I have no enough sleeps these few days.. but all of this turned into a better after a little vomit.. I drank some water and I felt the gastric uncomfortable and I fall into a vomit..

Never mind.. all had already over.. What can I split it out here is I really notice that some friendships should I highly appreciated it whereas some friendship I shouldn't hard-hold it, as It already have a vast fissure.. I wonder I had done something else to him/her before or I have bring a lot of trouble to him/her before.. I felt that.. I had already done my best.. I try not to bring any trouble to anyone.. but why? He/She treated me like that.. seem like everything that I done are meaningless.. didn't and never bring out any sacrifices or results.. Okie.. I knew.. I know what should I done.. As what God always said, " Let everything happened naturally" as these will just go through half of a year or fews months later.. I know.. I may do it..

I reached home last afternoon, around 2.00p.m, if I am not mistaken.. I stay at my neighbour house.. when i noticed that I didn't bought my key to the camp ( but I satisfied that I bought it in this morning) I received a bad news.. My father was in the hospital.. Part of his finger had been cut accidentally during his working.. I am not really understood about the situation since I was just back from the camp.. I rush to the hospital.. Everything had been all right.. Hope so.. My father was watching movie on the laptop.. sitting on the bed.. without saying any words.. but he seem like very enjoyable.. without sufferings.. When his friends called and asking cares from him.. isn't him? or just keeping up something in his heart? this is what's almost all the men done.. I hate it..

I told some of my brotherhood and friends about my fathers.. and again.. I saw it.. Why everyone is like that? I hate it! instead of that.. some are still the same.. as what I thought.. Thanks.. really Thanks.. even just few words.. I felt warm.. but so.. even just few words.. I felt cold.. I really have no idea.. What should I going to do now.. I hate it.. I felt sad.. I felt angry.. I felt nervous.. I felt.. better stop thinking about it.. just let everything happened naturally.. as these the fact that all have to face to during the process of living..

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Standard Temperature and Pressure (s.t.p)

I felt cold..
For my Future..
I wonder I can have a bright future or not..
I worry that I couldn’t have a huge ways for obtaining my desired life..
I know..
It may be a hard way to go..
And I will have to make it as bright as sunlight..
A vast, shortened and smooth way..
By consuming my times, dates, and ships..

I know..
It is a non-ideal behavior..
Caused by the unnatural high pressure..
But I have to..
Have to reduce it by Le Chatelier’s Principle..
That’s shifting myself to a lower pressure position..
I know you are going to leave me alone..
That’s fact of our lives..
As we are getting older and older..
Let it be.. naturally..
Without any matter surrounding it..
I will..
Try my best on my studies..
As what we had promised before..

Chemistry.. Biology.. and Maths..
Both of you are my reactant..
And Hardness..
You would be my catalyst..
Let’s increase our rate..
To the right side of the Equilibrium..
By the Temperature of about 1000 °C..
To get what we want..
That’s you..
Successfulness of STPM...

By : Mr. Lam
The Story of Life of Chemistry