Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy October.. tata..

what a busy October.. Full of test 2.. full of activities.. full of this .. full of that.. I wonder I could get a free time to relax or not.. coming Friday will be my first test after the short Raya Holiday-- Organic Chemistry.. then will be my computer and biochem and physical chem test.. then still got presentation.. my first presentation.. still got some society activities need to attend and might need to get ready for something else... 9 of October is CoCo day.. Oh my.. haiz.. how can I handle all these? Urm.. wonder how can I do it.. but I have to try on it.. hoho.. if not how can I... how can I.. hoho... survive in the coming few years o? wish me all the best ya.. hehe.. Need to make a better time arrangment.. have to reduce my time for relaxations and entertainments.. my meals also have to rearrange and make it into a better schedule.. hoho.. urm... anyway.. this might be my last post for coming a month.. hoho.. as October until 11 November will be super busy.. hoho.. my exam until 11/11/2009.. hoho.. that's computer test.. have to study all start from begin.. as I dun have the full notes.. haiz.. anyway... wish me good luck la.. hoho.. when I was free.. I will post again de.. hoho..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Missed a bus to KT

It was just happened yesterday.. my friends and I was waiting for the bus since 9.00pm++ in the bus station. However, the bus was still haven reach the bus station at around 10.15pm.. I was still standing still to wait for the bus.. Just in a short time, my friend came and tell me a 'joke' : the bus was gone.. I thought he was joking with us.. I doubt about it and went to the counter to ask about it.. Oh My God.. the bus was really went off.. We missed the bus!!!

Immediately after the notification, we was no idea what to do and keep on asking the person in the counter for more information and to know what should and what can we do.. The person felt annoy on our questions.. but the tickets that available on that night was already sold out.. the earliest bus ticket that going to KT which still available is in coming Sunday.. so how? we gonna buy the ticket for Sunday and went home? or we try get
tickets from other counters?

In a brief discussion among us and answering from the bus driver, the bus driver agreed to wait for us at Petronas in Bentong.. after that, we rush out of bus station and head toward taxi station to get a taxi to rush to the Petronas.. Fortunately, yefei's parent haven back yet.. they still able to fetch some of us to the Petronas.. So, we just need to get a taxi but not two taxi..

The taxi open the price with RM150.. we was shocked but have to accept it.. however, while we getting ready to get in the taxi, yefei's father came to the taxi and ask for the lowering of the transport fees.. It was lucky as yefei's father present.. the taxi agreed to reduce the transport fee to Rm120 for a taxi.. we save RM30!!! hoho..

During the way to taxi, we was worried whether the bus driver was waiting us or not.. we keep on call and sms the bus driver but couldn't get his reply.. we went to the petronas doubly and hoping he will wait for us.. with the blesses and lucky, we successfully contacted the driver and get to know tat they are waiting for us..

We chased the bus and get in the bus at around 11.35pm.. while we enter the bus, almost all the passengers was looking on us.. Some of them even say 'hello' and other thing to us.. I wonder if the driver told all the passengers that they are waiting us or not.. haha..

Urm.. it was a great experience to me that I will never wait for
the bus inside the bus station but outside the bus station.. I will notice and hear the announce carefully as we may missed the announce for twice.. ( the person in counter told us they was announce twice that night ) haiz... hopefully the same thing wont happen again as the pay for the experience is quite heavy for me.. haiz..
I thought our bus will look like this.. however, the bus wasn't look like this.. it was painted colorfully and the word 'transnational' was wrote small compared other buses.. the 'transnational' word was paint as small as the dark place just next to the 'transnational' that painted in the picture abovement..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Back to UMT

so fast.. a week passed.. seem quite many thing didn't finish as planned.. urm.. and there was many gathering that held during my holidays.. urm.. quite a sweet memories.. I hope I could spend more days in KL.. with my other friends.. and families.. I felt guilty toward my family as I spend quite less time with them compare to my friends.. Urm.. but anyway.. I love you all.. I'm going back UMT tonight.. but there will be something else that I need to do too.. But I promise you all.. I'll be back.. in the coming November Holiday.. no matter how many activities or camp that i need to attend.. I will get a time to spend with you all.. hope to see you all..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back To KL

Finally, I reached my home.. To take a good rest.. To take a great break.. To Entertain.. To meet.. To feel.. but the most important thing is taking a good rest and break.. because since I back to UMT, I had been rush for the works until the kuliah finish.. Hopefully I could did what i planned to do in the holiday.. however, in just a week of time, could I do it? Hopefully I could.. hehe...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Holiday Soon... but..

Holiday is coming soon.. but.. haiz.. so sad.. recently so many assignments, exercises and things need to be settle off.. if not how can i enjoy my holiday nicely le? haiz.. I just noticed, UMT had blocked certian web page.. just like that always allow me to keep in contact with my friends.. haiz... so curious is it? why i need to use meebo instead of window live messenger? haiz.. i also dunno why.. but i always failed to enter window live messenger with my own e-mail.. but with other, yes it do.. is it my account been block or what? but if it do, then how come i still able to chat with my friends and family through meebo etc. ? haiz.. what else the the web page that enable me to keep in contact with my friends with window live messenger? haiz.. can anybody tell me? urm.. unhappy.. long time didn't get my family and friends de news liao.. dunno how are them right now.. but i also not as frequent to online as earlier i step in U.. as there are a lot of assignments that need me to finish it up.. hopefully i could get a formula to handle all these stuff.. and enable me to enjoy my U-lifestyle as happy as I could..
The photo that i caught in my friend's housemate de room door.. haha.. quite funny.. the block is only have man.. how come have woman o.. dun tell me is the auties who help us to clean the dustbin everyday? hoho.. funny malay guyz..

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sea Turtle..

There were a convo pesta held few months ago. There was a small show about the sea organism, such as sea turtle , turtle, jelly fish, sea horse etc. It was my first time to met sea turtle. I heard other said that you are not certified as studied at Terengganu if you had never met sea turtle before, as sea turtle is a famous tourism point that attract tourism. Few week later after that, I have a chance to visit around Kuala Terengganu, and i noticed there are quite a number of stall that can sell sea turtle egg, but most of my friends said that we shouldn't be buying them as sea turtle is going to extinct.. so i did'nt buy it. however, if i was not mistaken, the price for the sea turtle was 5 for RM13, quite expensive and i heard it was not as nice as normal chicken egg, it smell 'xing'.. hoho..
the sea turtles was swimming..

Can you see the sea turtle's eggs? it was in a tin that located just at the right-bottom of the picture. It seem like pingpong ball which in white colour and many of it seem sudah lempik.. haha.. urm.. but i've no chance to touch and hold it.. however, if i wishing to do that, i think that's will be not a prob for me as there are an acitivity that stated that UMT students protect the seaturtle. but, the place for UMT students are limited and have to pay RM150 for few days staying at there.. hoho.. i wonder i have such a chance to do so or not? kakaka..
Jellyfish Gel that available for testing. I tasted and felt it was not as delicious as predicted. the jelly fish is hard to bite.. but the gel seem nice.. haha.. urm.. dunno, maybe it is delicious to other?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

test test & test...

wow... tests flood my mind.. I was finished few test just few days ago, but I was been noticed Organic chemistry test will be held soon... The lecturer said on 18th Sept, but.. how can she do it? as I was gone back to my hometown wot.. haiz.. so terrible is it.. before this, she was told that test will on 11th Sept... It was good news for me but bad for others.. as there will be 3 test held on the same day.. it was stress to everyone.. but for my stand, i hope all the test can be finished asap so that i'll be free of stresses.. haiz.. recently... urm.. felt restless.. hope I could get a free day to get sufficient rest.. hoho.. I am hoping 11th September will come as fast as possible.. the day of freedom began... but.. how's about Organic Chemistry o? wonder can score high or not... Urm.. I was did few mistakes in the previous exam, Biochem, hopefully my marks could cover the small mistakes.. hoho.. urm.. now my aim is.. get to wear the clothe as show below.. hoho.. to get as highest mark as I could in every subject.. wanna to aim for first honor of my class.. yeah! must trust on myself.. hoho.. I can do it , can do it, can do it.. yeah!!!