Tuesday, February 28, 2006

terrible mood..

sigh... i felt my Melancholia is recur. Too bad, i don't know what is my mind thinking about.Sometimes, i felt i'm responsibility to help my junior in Student Union, and help the director since i felt they need my help.But, at the same times, i felt i'm inresponsible to help them. Today, was our school Student Union's election. I felt very disappointed on the director management ability. But what can i do? I just can help them how many that i can do for them to protect our society's population. SU is became worse than before the year after a year. everybody knew that this is a fact. But i dunno the reason why they don't want to admit it. Many senior knew that. Sigh, i hate Melancholia. I dunno when i get it. Not only at the Society issue, but also at friends' issue.One more week, Just one more week, i can be natural back. I will wear the school uniform without tie and the badge of Student Union. Although the director didn't notice all the form 5 student to put off the tie and the badge, but i felt i have no qualifications to wear it anymore, since i can't do the Student Union's Objective after the day the new director born. What can i do is just help the new directors. I wish that those who i vote for can be the new director since i felt that they will sacrifice for our Society (SU). I wish that they will make our society to be improved and stopped it from falling down. I wish they will realizes my desire and don't be the sane director as this year.

Friends, this word sound strange for me.I've become alone for this year,what's the reason of it? Am i too straight? Am I too arrogant? or ? sigh.. i felt i'm the one who made our friendship to be broken.For this year, i'm afraid on my friends' changes, ( or else is i changed ? ).I can't accept that my friend will become like that ( i dunno how to decribe it) i felt sad, and felt afraid, i afraid he will hurt me on the next day since his personality is like that.. this is just mention about someone, i knew him since a few years ago. When i knew him, he gave me a feel --- he is a guy that 重視 friendship and fairness. But, nowaday he changed. What he want is just wealth and authority. I hate, I hate this kind of person. For my point of view, i felt that he wont be happy if he continue like that. But, we still friends, i wish he will knew about this, and changed back to the one that i knew.I wish to tell him what was my thinking. But, i have no chances. But anyway, i will still wishing him can living happily for now and his future because , we are friends.