Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My new Life...

It's my new lifestyle begin.. Everything had changed and have to change.. To the life that make everybody to be comfortable..

Most of my friends' examinations have just gone.. and their holidays had began! Conversely, my examination had just began.. and my holidays are far from me now.. the nearest holidays should be the Hari Raya Holidays.. But I will enjoy their holiday as well even my schooldays will be continue.. because we may have quite a long time didn't meet each other or just simply have a tea? Hopefully it may be my good memories with them..

Friday, September 14, 2007


I changed my title from Maybe to NONE.. because there are nothing interesting about me.. I felt that I am equal to nothing.. nothing.. and nothing.. Hopefully I will full fill the 'nothing' with something at the future.. In the other word, I lost myself.. .. ..

Monday, September 10, 2007

Confiscation of my chemistry textbook

My Chemistry textbook and note have been confiscate by Pn. Law today! But i had took back.. kaka..

I brought my Chemistry textbook and note to the assembly today because I haven prepared finish yet about my Chemistry. I have the first Chemistry examination today! But, the condition that L6B student take book to the assembly for study isn't the first image because it had been a routine. But, I always bring book to the assembly and didn't even take a look on it. I will just gossip with my friends which sit around me. Due to this habit, I had been caught by Pn. Law for gossiping with friend during Pn. Chek's speech. She said I'm not giving any respect to Pn. Chek who are speaking on the stage. As a result, she confiscated my books. and I have to take back the book from her after school. It's quite suffer because I haven prepared finish about my chemistry. Luckily, I can borrow my classmate's book for a reading.

I went to Pn. Law office immediately after school to get back my books. I got her scold for getting back the book. She said I had gave her a good impression before but now I had changed a lot ( Am I? ) She also mentioned about nowadays the our Lower form thought we are the eldest and always didn't give any respect to teachers. And the most important thing that she told me is.. So she wanna to 'Kill one and warn other!" , and I'm the white mouse.. ><

Chemistry Examination..

Today was my first Chemistry Examination. I thought it was so hard because my friends' class, L6F had a very difficult test. Most of them fail in their Chemistry exam because the question was quite tough and their teacher marked fiercely. I was afraid that this exam may be my first exam which fail. ( I had never failed any paper exam at the lower form.. ^^ ) because the range of the exam is quite large, that is from chapter 1 until chapter 5 while L6F exam only a chapter by chapter.

Fortunately, when i watched on the exam paper, it's quite easy-- most of the question are 1 marks or 2 marks ( lower marks mean the question isn't very hard- Physics class's chemistry exam mostly >5 marks as what i saw). I had done all the question but i'm not so sure about certain question. I just wrote what i knew in the paper and hope it may pass and don't be my first exam which fail. @.@

BIO first experiment

Last Friday we have went to the Bio Laboratory for our first Bio experiment. It is fun, man! But the preparation job have made us rush all the way.We have to catch our specimen before the day of experiment. We have to catch one housefly and a locust for our experiment.

A week before the experiment day, we had think about all the possible location that may be locust habitat. We had went to few places to check either there was a locust habitat or not, Jennifer's neighborhood (Wangsamaju), my neighborhood (Sentul) and Wen Ze's neighborhood (Melawati) as some examples. Some of other had went to other place too, such as Sri Gombak, Chonghwa Area (12 floor) and other places that possible. After discovered those place, my gang had found that some area which located at Melawati, that is, Wen Ze's neighborhood had a lot of grasshopper. We went to her house for a lunch then started our mission to catch grasshopper. As a reward, we had caught nine grasshoppers, but it's quite small for our specimens. My leg had been bite by a insect that i don't know it's name. It suck my blood and made my leg flood of blood. It's disgusting, man! So, as a last decision, we used crickets as our specimens ( we bought it). Even it may destroy our hardness to get the grasshopper, but it had gave us a good memory about the catching of grasshoppers. I were fully enjoyed it.

Another specimen, that is, houseflies had made me headache. I don't know where to get it. A day before the experiment, Eik Ee and I went to Sentul to search for the houseflies at night but unfortunately we failed to get anyone of it. there is no flies available at night of Sentul! We had ask for our friends' help to get some to us, but they were also faced their own problems, many of them were died or can't catch any fly as what we face to. At last, those who can not get fly may have to catch it at school. Fortunately, Our school rubbish ban have a lot of flies. almost all of us who couldn't get flies or specimen had died went to there for the catch.

Last Friday, we went to the laboratory and started our specimen. Firstly, we put some chloroforms into the container which contain our insects. The insects died and we started placed it at the polister and started arranged it's shape especially theirs legs. Some of them had made their legs gone, and I'm one of them. ><><

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Report of RIMUP

At 20th of August 2007, Liew Haw Jiun and I go to SMK Seri Bintang Utara at around 2.00p.m. All the KL's representatives have to gather at SMK Seri Bintang Utara for a pre-RIMUP day. The JPWPKL officers told us something that we should know about RIMUP. This may be a good chance to us to live with other race because most of my friends are Chinese. I have never be with other race. In addition, this may cause less problems that appear during RIMUP activities because we know what are we going to do in these few days.

At 21th of August 2007, All of the Kuala Lumpur's representatives embark to Ipoh by bus. All representatives from whole Malaysia been divided into 9 groups and I was in a group which wen to Kerian, Perak. Locality government of Kerian had held a welcome ceremony to 'Kerian' group at the first night. We had visit a historical place and an exhibition center at the next day. We also have a chance to sit for boat. Furthermore, there were also a sport competition among 'Kerian' group mates and the villagers, It was a good experience for me because I have never sit for boat before and I have a chance to visit the historical place. But, Unfortunately, the historical place is just have three large 'hole' without any ancient evidence, In addition, the sport competition were hit it's target -- improve racial unity and made a good relationship between participates. After having all of these, we back to the inn that we stay and enjoyed the locality school's performances.

All the RIMUP participates had to back Ipoh on 23th of August. We have to sit for a course of the effect of bribes against country and family and family's love. This course had successfully increase my hates against bribes. We went to a neighborhood which located at Ipoh at the next day. We get to know the neighborhood, that is, Taman Mutiara history background, the problems that they are facing and we had created a good relationship with them. Unfortunately, some activities had been canceled at 24th of August. All participates have to stay in the hotel. But, in the other hand, it create a good chance to allow the participates to know more about their room mates. I had know more about my room mate especially more about Islam, for an example, how they pray.

The next day, 25th of August, we went to a field to create 'dodol' with the villagers and National Service's participates. It is a good experience for me because I do not know anything about the process to make 'dodol' After the 'dodol' making process, all participates went to a school to look for a F1 sho. The F1 show is not at what I expected. It just show up some 'little cars' but it had successfully show up the technology of Malaysia.

The last day, 26th of August, was the ending ceremony. All participate have a chance to look for our PM, Abdullah Badawi. Some of them may fortunately shake their hand with Badawi but i didn;t have such a good luck because I sat quite far from him. The ending ceremony have a stain. There were a technical problem appear during the ceremony. A performance could not been perform nicely because of the technical problem. At last, the performance had been canceled because the lacking of times.

Holistically, RIMUP have given me a good memories and made a lot of friends to me especially other races, such as those races from Sabah and Sarawak. The duration from a place to another place had taken a very long time. Almost all the participate did not waste the times in bus. We get to know more about other bus mates or just take a good nap in the bus. Most of my friends from RIMUP and I did not have enough sleep during RIMUP because the timetable is quite full. So we wont waste up any time that may take a good nap. We were also had many chances to test on the villagers' traditional foods. We were given 5 meals in a day during RIMUP. We also been presented a lot of souvenirs. I get many souvenirs especially from 'Kerian' peoples. In a conclusion, I felt that RIMUP have increase the strength of unity of all races of Malaysia in the participates.

Prepared by,
(Mr. Lam)