Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another bad luck day in UMT..

What a bad luck I was today. My room mate was told me he lost his umbrella. He put the umbrella just in my house's living room in order to evaporate the water above it.However, just in few hour time, the umbrella disappear and he was decided to buy a new umbrella in evening during lunch..
In a late night, just half hour before my posting, I noticed my bottle and 'TOP' detergent was lost! I went to a meeting at 9pm and end up around 10pm. when I went back room, my housemate, eik ee said he left my bottle in his bicycle's and then, I went down to search for his bicycle and I found nothing. I request him to search for me, he could get his bicycle but my bottle was lost! What the.. when I wanna back room, when in a second before upstair. I noticed the clothe that i put for the dobby... .. .. my detergent lost! search around, but still couldn't get it. What the.. nothing to say.. still quite unhappy as something lost even it may not so valuable.. haiz.. terrible dicipline! this is what I could say.. such cheap thing also wanna to steal, I doubt for these graduaters, how could them be after entering society.. Is our people really poor till that? DEB.. may could continue then.. Zzz..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Beginning of Exam Season

My Exam Paper Slip
My Exam Season was began today. And My first test was Biochemistry which seniors classified as the hardest subject in first semester. However, I felt it was quite okie and not as hard as what seniors said. It may due to my high confident toward myself. I hope I could get a better results as what my target be. I hope that all of my subject could get A or at least B+. However, my next subject was strongly weaken my aim. As what I knew, many of my friends already get their results of their second test. However, I was failed to find Dr. Amir, and so I couldn't get my paper back yet. I heard the highest is only 38/50. I wonder I could get more than 30 or not as I knew I did badly in this test. I was not fully prepared and even not so understand in certain parts. I felt many of my friends couldn't answer a part that it was actually not came from the notes. The questions is asking about the function or certain vitamin. Well, I think I also couldn't answer it well. As I also dunno the answer. Urm.. Hopefully I can get good result in the second test.. Because I felt the final test would be harder. I might not score in the final test as the lecturer was told that he will mark strictly for the final test. Hoho.. Tomorrow gonna to find him.. to got back my second test paper and ask for suggestion on books.. Urm.. gonna to prepare my "Introduction to food science" lo.. so see ya.. hope all the best for those who having exams.. Good Luck!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Terrible DengSheng

It is a terrible society that I first met in UMT.. DengSheng is a society that under 'Hua Xie' in UMT but is a sub-society that under QuanSheng. My friends and I was decided to join this society since we felt QuanSheng would help other Juniors. However, the internal system of DengSheng is very bad. Almost all sub-society in 'HuaXie' created a lot of activities for their members and had invited a lot of juniors to join them.. however, DengSheng was never create any activity for any junior member after the 'kexijieshao' (an activity that held in super early during the sem)... I asked a lot of friends, and I noticed many of first year student would like to join DengSheng for a long time.. However, all of them dunno any news/activities about dengsheng.. so they thought this society was no longer exist or available for juniors to join..
Just at few weeks ago, I knew a girl who named Linda and she got news from her senior about quansheng. And then I knew that this society is actually still got some activity.. but they never invite juniors to join.. After I knew Linda for quite a time, I was joined an acitivity that called 'xiao xian'.. it is actually is an activity that focus on secondary school.. and now I knew.. the society is still working.. The invitation was firstly sent to some juniors.. However, but was at the last minutes.. 6pm activity can invite other to join at 2pm.. Zzz.. Other society such as buddhist club also sent few messages in order to remind and invite other to join their activity.. haiz.. seniors still said they are not enough ppl and hope other to join.. but.. such systems with no activities and seldom inviting juniors to join.. then how can larger society's member? I think DengSheng should learn from other society..
Currently, they was planned to have few activities such as 'xiao xian' and gathering.. But the activity was been postponed and I wonder it will still exist or not.. the gathering was planned to have on 16th Oct, but without any news or informing, the gathering was postpone to 18thth Oct ( I get this news from friend). Today was 18th Oct. I wonder the activity is still held or not (Yesterday I asked a DengSheng Senior but she said haven get the confirmation from seniors, so not sure) . Linda is having her bidong trip, and I'm holding the responsible to inform my friends about today activity. I was sent a message to a senior to ask whether the activity is still on tonight or not. But still haven get the reply yet. Is him ignore my message or waiting for the confirmation then only reply to me? If until afternoon still couldn't get any reply from any DengSheng member, I will send a message to tell my friends that the activity is not confirmed yet-so dunno still exist or not.
Haiz.. It was suffer to get a gang of friends who really got heart to make deng sheng to be better.. But with this system, how can we do it? we planned a lot of activity to held.. if without cooperation of seniors.. can our activities will still on? can the society be better? without having any activities, for sure this gang of hearten juniors will left.. the hope that strengthen this society will break off.. And I will decide to leave too.. As I hate something disappoint me to happen repeatedly.. I dislike the feeling of sad.. and guilty toward my friends will input to my heart too.. haiz..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Test 2 is over!!!

It was easy but hard.. it was restless but enjoyed.. It was stress but fun.. It was un-fully prepared but still able to finish up.. my second tests was just over!!! However, my final test is coming soon in just a week of time.. my first test will begin in coming 25th October.. and will end up at 8 Nov.. Hopefully I can finish up all assignments and homework and begin my journey to final test as soon as possible.. now still rushing for computer assignments.. urm.. my last assignment = Window Movie Maker.. but I learned it before and was used to create few video for my form six class before too.. Now I was tasked for a 3-5 minutes video for untitled and 3-5 minutes video for my campus lifestyle.. hopefully my group mates could give me fully support on doing all these stuff.. hopefully... Wanna to finish as soon as possible la.. not so likely to postpone all jobs.. ><>

Monday, October 12, 2009

A bad-luck day..

In the early morning, I woke up for my breakfast and ready to have class.. After that, I was .. skipped the physical chemistry class? I stay at the hostel until 12pm.. then I only embark for my lunch.. Once I came down from my hostel ( my room was located at fifth floor ), I biked my bicycle to ASTAKA just to meet my friend to have lunch together.. Unfortunately, I noticed that my bicycle's tyer was broken.. the back-tyer was mess-up extremely.. Oh my god.. then never mind, I pushed my bicycle to ASTAKA to put over there for fixing at evening..
I reached chinese restaurant as usual.. pick certain dish and ready to pay.. I noticed that.. my waller was gone!! It was not having in my pocket.. I think think think.. I felt I was left my wallet in room.. It's okie.. luckily my friends was there.. I go to them, and borrow money from them.. Oh my.. how pity am I..
Ok.. after having lunch, it's time to go for Organic Chemistry class.. I step in the class as usual.. and wait for the lecturer to come.. Oh? wait wait wait.. at nearly 1pm, some student said the lecturer was cancelled off the class.. so do the next day.. Oh my god.. then why I still need to walk for a long way to wait? haiz.. never mind.. I cooled down myself.. After that, I was playing and joking and enjoying my time in the lecture hall.. after that.. was my computer lab.. as what you knew.. I was talkative.. so, I might be easy to be thirsty.. when I wanna to get my bottle.. I noticed my bottle was lost.. It was not in my bag.. how come.. I think I was left it in room ba.. then after computer lab, we planned to have dinner together before go for the indian's activity.. On the way, I noticed my umbrella was broken!!! How terrible am I.. haiz.. then I back my room to put my things down and take my wallet.. I noticed that my bottle was not in my room.. then i think should be at my bicycle.. I go for my bicycle.. but.. unfortunately It was not appear there.. haiz.. I lost my bottle.. then never mind lor.. I cool down myself..
After dinner, we gather at the gate and ready to go to the Indian's activity together.. my best friend, Shermond came and told me.. the camera that he left in my room was mess-up.. the lens couldn't reenter the camera.. Oh my.. why everything related to me was terrible today!!!
We reach dataran canselori.. and started the activity.. we worked hard for that.. however, the weather couldn't allowed us to break the record.. around 8pm+, the rain fall down.. and it was began to be heavier and heavier.. at last.. too heavy until all students that involved stay off from the rain.. Was my luck made this activity fail? haiz.. terrible.. Due to the heavy rain.. I walked back to my room.. and took my bath..
Once I finish my bath.. I get a message from my friend... the coupon was disperse to the students that involved in the activity.. I was in hostel.. then how can i rush back to dataran to get the coupon.. Oh my.. how terrible is it.. Hopefully the next day will be better.. I trust on you!!! Tomorrow will be better..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Indians wanna break Malaysia Record but fail..

Today should be an important day for UMT's Indians and students.. It is because all races in UMT was cooperated to break Malaysia Record by.. Indian's Lights.. (should it call like this? hehe.. I also dunno)

The lights are arrange nicely.. I wonder total got how many lights there.. because.. the dataran nearly full with the lights..
See.. I was arranging the lights in order that it look nice.. hoho.. actually i'm not the one who arrange it la.. I couldn't help a lot.. as the place for standing or sitting is limited.. so I can only help some only.. hehe.. but at last I was busy filling oil and putting 'xin' in each light la.. I still got contribution de.. hehe..

all people are rushing to fill the oil and 'xin' for each light.. we must move fast as the weather seem worse.. we worry that the rain will come after..

some of my friends and I who attended the activity

However, it was failed due to the bad weather.. you can see some guyz/galz was rushing to keep the things at the dataran.. many oil was wasted.. the rain had flood it off from dataran..
We was planned to continue no matter how heavy was the rain.. but unfortunately the weather was extremely bad and the organizer was decided to give up.. all participates was ran off from the heavy rain.. the light that been lighted was slowly off one by one.. at last, no lights was survived.. all the fire off.. and many of the students included me was walk back to hostel.. because there was nothing else we can do.. when i was walking back to hostel.. I saw the organizers was cleaning up the candles, lights etc..