Sunday, July 27, 2008


Walking along the way..
Between the buildings..
But the day..
Made the way become safety..

An old man sitting at the end of the path..
A cat is sitting next to him..
But the cat had success it..
Everything had be fined..

Old man said,
You had gone into a dessert..
A dessert which full of cactus..
You found a cave..
A cave of diamonds..
Of wealthy.. And your happiness..

You may get into the cave..
Enjoyed with your dream..
Own the wealth..
Own the diamonds..
Own everything that you wish to..

It’s only a dream..
You may not own any diamond..
Even one of it..
As they are not belong to you..

You may..
Just take some diamonds and..
Get out of the cave..
Get out of the dessert..
But you will never own a diamond that belong to yourself..

And I’m here,
To suggest you..
Try to get the way..
The way to get the diamond..
By yourself..
And you will notice..
The Diamond is always bright..
No matter where it is and when it is..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Dead Cat

Early in the morning, when I reached school, Siew Yuan, one of my classmates rush into classroom and ask whether Wei Zhen and I was free on time or not.. She looked busy and worried.. I wonder what she was needed for help.. I accepted her request..

She was holding two piece of large mahjong paper.. Walking in a high speed.. I asked, “Actually what am I going to help?” She told me ---- Bury a death’s cat.. I shocked.. Bury a cat? How can her find it out? What’s the story behind of it? Is her killed the cat or accidentally made the cat died?

My question was answered immediately without any doubt.. She told me that she had saw the cat yesterday when the cat was nearly die.. She felt guilty for do not helping the cat by sending it to a vent’s clinic for a therapy.. Quite a helpful and compassion girl.. If I’m her, or the other, may not bother about the life of a cat, especially those cat which do not belong to anyone..

Finally we reached the place where the death body located.. We took the body by using the mahjong paper.. The body was cold, and strengthened.. We brought it to the school’s field..

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the hoe and it’s hardly to make a hole for burying the cat. We used the stone and some small stick to making the hole.. It was hard and difficult and I brought to a situation that surrender.. haha… how easy am I surrender? I went to find the school gardener to get the hoe and luckily I could found him and get the hoe.. It may be easy to dig a hole by using a hoe. We successfully buried the cat with the help of Mr. Mok.. his stamina better than me a lot and I’m admire on his stamina.. haha… this had insist me to train my body well ><

Lastly, just hope that the cat will sleep for a good ever days..

Friday, July 04, 2008

Deer's life

That’s a deer..
Who stay in a pristine woodland..

Disaster will always happen in time of happiness..
Trees fell down..
Animals leaved their habitats..
The source of natural been contaminated..
That’s fact of deforestation..

It was not longer suitable for its living..
The predators force it to leave its home..
Water and food have been contaminated..
The competitor of source of natural not longer allow its existence..
It have to leave..

The way of exploration is always difficult..
The way of suitably is always uncomfortable..
It start to miss its old-times..
It began to miss its families..
But it still have to go..
As the condition..

It is now living at a new forest..
A forest that may affect by the edge effects..
But its source for living is mildly contaminated..
And there are less competitor of lives..
It may more suitable for its living..
Or may not?

Nobody will know its future..
Unless you are The God of nature..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

An Atom

An Atom which called Chlorine have 17 electrons..
If we are going to take off an electron from this atom..
It’s quite difficult..
Because of its strong effective nucleus charge..
We need to add on a lot of energy to supply the energy that we need..
If we successfully take off an electron from it,
What is this electron going to be?

It may attract by other atom
Such as Magnesium..
But is the Magnesium willing to accept it?
Its is electron affinity so high…
It is absolutely impossible to occur spontaneously

It successfully occurred..
The electron is finally leave it..
It may get what it want..
But it may lose what it should have..
Its energy..
Its own positions..
And so on..