Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Week After I Work

From day to day, I have left SPM examination 2006 around two (2) month. I had enjoyed my holidays for around one (1) and a half month, and now, i'm enjoying my working days. I am working at a lawyer office within the days to wait for the SPM results and waiting for the begin of form six (6) classes.

I have choosed form six (6) as my further study but yet, I haven decide which class shouldI get in. I am still wondering about the future ( 'future' refer to the job that available after my studies at form six (6) classes * either is physic or biology classes ). I only know that engineering courses are available for form six (6) physic classes and medical and many other courses are available for form six (6) biology claases.Sigh.. sad to say that.. i know that everything have it's benefits and cons, but I'll still try to get more information for my studies. Wish I can decide my further studies as fast as I can.

How was my holidays? This holidays have bring a great memory to me. I have at least a date with somebody everyday since 16th December 2006 until 16th January 2007 except two (2) days, that's 27th December 2006 and 15th January 2007. I have no choice to stay at home during the last day of the SPM examination 2006 until a day before 16th December 2006. I was sick at that moment. Too bad, I couldn't attend my class's gathering. It brought a black mark to me.

I'm working at a lawyer office that named Wong Chiong Seng & Co. Advocates & Solicitor that located at Jalan Maharajalela. I'm working as a office boy. As a office boy, I hae to receive phone, faxing, photostating, typing and open giles etc. Actually m job are quite free, mostly sit on the chair and do nothing, just wait for the time to go through. I have to strictly to my boss and his assisstant orders. While I was typing or writing something, I always worry about either I had made any mistake or not, especially digits. I scare that if I put more or less zero (0). So, mostly I will double check before sent up. As what I have done, I felet that most of the cases that the firm accept are Sale and Purchase Agreement ( formerly known as SPA ) and will.So, if you have killed someone or any other serious crime, i don't know either my boss can help or not. Haha.. but, I believe that none of my friend will get in these kind of cases, is it?

My birthday is coming soon, I am going to be 18 years old soon. My friends are planning a little gathering on my birthday. Actually birthday is just am excuse to gather our classmate and friends. Most of our friends have started working or studying. It's difficult to get an excuse to gather all of us. Sincem y birthday is coming soon, so I suggest it to my friend. Haha... am i bad? But, I'm sure that there are less friends will going to, not caused by working, then should be transport, finance or other reason. Sad to say that, I wish that there will be moe people are planning to join us, because I believe that, more people will bing out more fun, is it? But, let me tell you the truth. Actually...If more people are going, that show that I will accept more present. Haha!!!!